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WINTER 2021-22


Early Winter


light rain

words trickle 

onto the page

Jackie Chou


the strong smell of 

winter ripening


Minal Sarosh

kayak lake

a hurricane swirls 

from the paddle

Kat Lehmann


hospice dawn

a willow disappears

in river mist


Maurice Nevile

morning light

touching the sea

that touches me


Alvin B Cruz

full day moon

river oysters

picked clean


Bryan Rickert

October petal rain I have everything


Owen Bullock

morning quiet

an old raindrop

joggles a fern


Hannah Mahoney


the river's song 

willow roots


Ben Oliver

tiered garden 

the climb

to the sage

Laurie Greer

all my stories

all my secrets

bramble patch


Marietta McGregor

under galaxies
stamens glowing white
on the cider gum

Kristen Lang

bend in the river

why not take the scenic route

to oblivion


Keith Evetts


the zigzag of brown creepers meandering thoughts

Debbie Strange

October flowers

the second time

I hold your hand

Ryland Li

down to puddles

the creek minnows’


Bryan Rickert

apple season

the branches ache with

the weight of sky


Vandana Parashar



still lake 


miles deep


Owen Bullock


some secrets 

better kept inside 

tree rings 


Vera Constantineau

brown leaf carpet

I learn to walk

on what came before


Kat Lehmann



golden fish in the lake

what we become

when dreaming

Radostina A. Dragostinova

exposed roots

his little dig



Mike White


family haveli

a spiral cobweb mends

the broken window


Hifsa Ashraf


foggy sky

a baby opens

her fist


Erica Goss 


a line of traffic honking geese head south


Kim Klugh


bent over a pine and me the ocean storm 

Bruce H. Feingold

autumn chill

the what might have been

of old seeds


Bryan Rickert

a splash

of color

wood ducks

Jeff Hoagland


old slave quarters

the tourist’s question

a sickle


Kemar Cummings



of waves

of shorebirds


Brad Bennett



the stillness trapped

in gorse hills


Maire Morrissey Cummins



the way geese can fly to
another country

Dorothy Burrows


my mind puts a wolf

in the trees


Alan Peat


autumn leaves swirling whiskey round the glass

Stephen Toft

becoming dusk jackals becoming dusk


Hemapriya Chellappan




the bleeding edge

of things


Alan Peat




the twilight moon's climb 

higher and higher


Richa Sharma



into dusk

a nameless mountain

in its fullness


Richa Sharma

in a rush of night wind the foxes yipping

Ruth Holzer

still water

a swan descends

on the moon


Maureen Edden



evening mist  -

the fisherman

counts his blessings

Precious Oboe



Mid Winter


ice forming ~

the neighbourhood cat

gives me that look


Mark Gilbert

not yet dawn only the yellow laburnum


Alaka Y


morning milking

the silence

between cows


Laurie Morrissey




a robin cracks

the dawn


Debbie Olson

this journey
to make alone –
the rising sun

Anannya Dasgupta


into the valley mist                    

mountain ash


Gavin Austin

a child 

must have conjured them -

dandelions in the snow 


Deborah A. Bennett


on ice

eyes of the morning catch



Alan Peat



in the white pine

corn kernels pop

Donna Fleischer


frozen mountain stream

the percussion

of unseen pebbles


Roger Watson

distant hills beyond the gate winter stillness

Clive Bennett



darkening sky

the busy street blooms



Jonathan Roman

a pocket

full of masks

family funeral


Maire Morrissey Cummins

we encounter
our monsters

Stefanie Bucifal

gull cries

how a river

loses the land


Michael Baeyens


a toddler

with tongue out

first snow


Alan Peat

winter rain--

the depth of loneliness

in a stray dog's eye


Kevin Valentine



half open window -

a fly bumps into both 

sides of the story


Roman Lyakhovetsky


deckled edges

of your letter . . .

drifting snow


Barrie Levine



canada geese

with swans in corn stubble

dinky toys


Nola Obee


squall a gull resting in the middle of it


Stewart Baker


more snow -

ice fills a scarecrow's

missing tooth


Neera Kashyap



one red fleck

in the egg yolk

partial eclipse


Marietta McGregor



just enough

of a pause

robin song

Joanna Ashwell



lone igloo

finding shelter

in a lie


Kemar Cummings



clacking railroad station tracks the driving sleet


Richard L. Matta



midwinter sickness the skimmia leaves yellow…

Claire Ninham

the little pond

house to many -

floods away


Tanvi Jeph,

Aged 13

snow on the pines

a whooping crane’s call

turns to mist


Hannah Mahoney


braille cantata

tracing the S

of her spine


Kemar Cummings

red light

the shortness

of a snowflake's life


Tomislav Sjekloća

Christmas market - 

one more fairy tale 

I don’t belong to 


Roman Lyakhovetsky



by the hearth

a fire’s glow

on sallow skin

Richard L. Matta



discovering a pine needle

with my bare toe


Joshua Gage

cocktail party the geometry of chatter


Tom Bierovic


the two of us

still groping in the dark

winter solstice


Natalia Kuznetsova


crossroads grave - 

a cricket summoning

the moon


Roman Lyakhovetsky

a long walk              

to the other side

of the owl

Peter Newton

winter sky . . .


on her stone


Barrie Levine


ad astra

taillights on the road

to somewhere


Debbie Strange



cold coffee

the effortlessness

of moonlit flurries

Joshua Gage

candleshine through obsidian this ancient light

Ruth Holzer


full moon

black sky

breathing hole


Erica Goss

a prototype of courage amidst winter stars

Shloka Shankar

new year party
the poinsettia
also past it

Roberta Beary

winter sunset

an old fox limps

into the trees

Chris Dean

Winter Into Spring


firethorn berries          

a solitary blackbird 

perches between seasons

Claire Ninham



dawn paws through the cat door


P.H Fischer


new calendar
i still circle
her birthday

Roberta Beary


blossoms drift

into this universe

you and me


Chen-ou Liu



the sweet surrender
of morning dew


Antonietta Losito

morning commute

the last cricket

sputters out


Agnes Eva Savich


catching the remaining strand

of the spider's web

morning sun


Mark Powderhill


glittering water  

the only duck



John Low

wildflower –

you are worthy

of self-love


C.X Turner


the creek

crystal clear

a bellbird calls


Carl Walsh

even the gator’s bellow

a form of prayer

new grass


Paul Reagan



hibiscus bud

I am still learning how 

to wait 


Minal Sarosh

spring clean

stopping to watch

the white butterfly


Mark Powderhill

low tide

beach stones exposed

where they are


Kristen Lindquist

city trees

two ballerinas

en pointe 


Erica Goss


beneath the surface



Evan Coram

rows of crows cawing
from telegraph wires


Dorothy Burrows

in the right light a slug’s glide path    


Peter Newton

in the rain shadow

I stand

blurred at the edges


Adele Evershed


stock pond

filling me

with silence


Agnes Eva Savich

blue sky
the pause before
the swing returns


Stephen Toft



distant drum beats down the sun

P.H Fischer


mountain lake

a double rainbow

completes itself


Richa Sharma


a thousand times over

snow geese

Jonathan Humphrey


fruit bats

leaving dusk tangled

in the trees  

John Low

the way
it softens the city
evening rain

Ben Gaa


low in the pine

a slip of sunset


Claire Ninham



dusk’s stillness

an otter slips

into water


Ernest Wit



hairpin turn

I ask for directions

to the moon


Erin Castaldi


still waters   

a kangaroo drinks

the first stars


John Low


unlearning all that 

I learnt


Minal Sarosh



crack in the blinds

an octopus moon

finds its way

Lorraine Padden

after hours -

away from the street lights

your favourite star


Femi Akinyele

end of lockdown

wasps party

inside a pear

Mark Gilbert

new moon

the empty space of

my unfinished haiku 

Manoj Sharma

nightfall I keep the sun in myself


Mariangela Canzi


runaway dog 

I, too, am not looking

to be found

Bryan Rickert

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