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first date

speaking at the same time

for the third time

Ramachandran Sundararajan

old hands

the moon sinks

beneath my cuticles

Adele Evershed

fresh lime juice 

how can my day 

be so dull ?

Minal Sarosh

parents meeting
a wildflower
in the teacher's vase

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

the clock

pointing out the time

I waste

Carl Walsh


we encounter

who we are

Terrie Jacks


myself for no reason  

late autumn 

Owen Bullock

 Knocked over sign, 

did I need to read you?

      Storm season…

Jerome Berglund


road ahead

before we are here

we are there

Terrie Jacks

Paper plane -

the carelessness

my soul needs

Elisabeth guichard

back to routine

my diary sheds

grains of sand

Agnes Eva Savich

early morning fog

all the wrong


John Pappas

the calliope

slowly falls out of tune

divorce papers

Evan Coram

air mail 

the momentum

of my parents’ romance

Barrie Levine

     wind farm harnessing 

surrounding elements 

       unpaid internship

Jerome Berglund


tracing raindrops

through the screen

what if I’d said yes?

Evan Coram

her rebuke

nettle gone

to seed

Bryan Rickert

trial room mirrors

my loneliness multiplies

ad infinitum

Priya Narayanan

my mask

soaks up the tears...

Gran's funeral

David He Zhuanglang

flickering light
i'm too lazy  
to change

P.H Fischer

rainy day

the scent

of new books

Theresa Cancro

pushing seventy

early spring followed

by early summer

John Han



      in parent’s car

old songs are new songs

      perennials reseeding 

Jerome Berglund

cougar in the parkade

one of us

         out of place

Nola Obee

acab fingers 

on a bamboo flute 


folk songs of a quieting life

Tim Roberts

passing by
my brother's coffin—somebody
asks the way

Irena Szewczyk



by mouthful

Ryland Shengzhi Li

years of gardening

i still grow


Nancy Orr

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