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A Haiku Poet in Pill - Haiku as Social Document


In a short film produced by BBC Wales, Wales Haiku Journal editor, Paul Chambers returns to his home of Pill in Newport to challenge perceptions of the area, using the power of words.

Transcreating - John Rowlands


Renowned Welsh poet, John Rowlands provides a fascinating insight into his process of transcreating English and Welsh language haiku, and explores the form's links to Welsh poetic tradition.

The Anthologist and Bogus Haiku - Michael Dylan Welch


Michael Dylan Welch responds to the portrayal of haiku in Nicholson Baker's novel, and explores the wider misunderstandings of the form.

Reflections: Philip Street by Frances Angela - Lynne Rees


In the second of our Reflections series, Lynne Rees responds creatively to Frances Angela's chapbook collection, Philip Street.

The Trembling of the Moment: The Haiku of Federico Garcia Lorca -

Paul Chambers


The first English-language translation of a haiku sequence composed by Lorca, and an exploration of the haiku's links to the deep song of flamenco, in an essay first published in the Times Literary Supplement.

Reflections: The Wonder Code by Scott Mason - Lynne Rees


In the first in a new series of creative reflections and responses to works of haiku, Lynne Rees explores Scott Mason's, The Wonder Code.

Raindrops in a Wine Glass - Dietmar Tauchner


Based on a lecture delivered at the first international haiku symposium of the Austrian Haiku Association, Vienna, 2014, Dietmar Tauchner describes how Japanese haiku has undergone several innovations over the centuries.

Skywriting: Learning Haiku from Annie Dillard - Michael Dylan Welch


In a wide-ranging essay, Michael Dylan Welch reflects on what haiku poets stand to learn from Annie Dillard's observations of the writer's craft.

Imaginative Linking: Haibun in Ireland - Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell provides an historical overview of the haibun form and investigates the standing of the form in Ireland today. 

More Than My Mind - Haiku as Creative Therapy


Paul Chambers presents a selection of haiku produced by users of mental health charity, Newport Mind, as part of a summer-long creative therapies project.

12 neon buddhas - Michael Dylan Welch


Poet, Michael Dylan Welch presents a series of photo-poems on the theme of the neon buddha. 

Journeys with Haiku - Lynne Rees


Haiku poet, Lynne Rees explores the influences of haiku on longer verse forms, and looks ahead to a haiku poetry residency at Ty Newydd in North Wales.

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