A Haiku Poet In Pill - Haiku as Social Document

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In a short film produced by BBC Wales, Wales Haiku Journal editor, Paul Chambers returned to his home in Pillgwenlly, Newport, to explore ways in which haiku could document the day-to-day experiences of living in one of the country's most deprived wards.

As part of the exploration of haiku's capabilities to capture the everyday realities of living in the area, Paul worked with students at John Frost High School to create poems which gave more truthful representations of their community than is often portrayed in the media.

In response to the sensationalism and distortion of the community's image, the students produced haiku detailing their personal experiences of Pill, without prejudice or agenda, using their own voices, to tell their own truths...

cold, crisp winter night

dry leaves crunching

under my feet


Jamiha Meah



the gleaming of the sun

moist, sweat

clings to their arid skin


Nathan Manchee



sun shining

the smell of the BBQ

and the green grass


Tayyibah Maliha



the summertime screams

the echoing youth

and positive cheer


Dilan Thevathas



salty taste of heavy breeze

water crashing

in silent reprieve


Sama Chowdhury



it’s a new season, a colourful evening,

dry, crunchy leaves

fallen to the ground in the twilight


Tasmia Begum



warm breeze brushing against you

park full of cheer

kids playing together


Hadiya Miah



summertime stupidity,

youth screaming,

piercing ears


Dilan Thevathas



joyous screams

euphoria in the making

members of one body


Sama Chowdhury