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saying something of the nothing
of it all


Ben Moeller-Gaa



September haying—

the landed turkey vulture

searching the windrows


Wally Swist



the egg

that didn't open . . .

waning moon


Debbie Strange



moistening a pile
of last week’s rabbit pellets
an autumn rain


paul m.



forest bathing

my palms white

with birch bark


Laurie D. Morrissey



alkali flats

a curtain of sand

darkens the horizon


Jay Friedenberg



the milking stool

in a bed of nettles—

first snow





the wild

in a horse’s eye

following the storm


Joanna Ashwell



pregnant again 

the pitter-patter

of light rain


Bryan Rickert



no call for

a night light

snow moon


Helen Buckingham



winter sunrise

the cement grill illumes

a dove's nest


Richa Sharma



a deep breeze
the cottonwoods sway
into echoing thunder


Gary Hittmeyer



mud flats

a wisp of snipe gone

with my thoughts


Debbie Strange  



walking ahead                        

her dimpled fist

full of buttercups


Elaine Wilburt



well water
I hesitate
to stir the stars


Adjei Agyei-Baah



inside the folds

of a cafe umbrella...

autumn dusk


Brad Bennett



barbed wire

this flake of wool

about to thaw


Adrian Bouter



the inner layer of my lips


Jibril Dauda Muhammad



funeral procession
the silence between us
leaves at last


Chen-ou Liu



night chill . . .
a billow of smoke rises
from the pyre


Kanchan Chatterjee




a searchlight blinks

over the canopy


Joanna Ashwell



summer vacation

counting down blossoms

on the moonflower


Scott Wiggerman



the same granite
in a stile’s step ...
village graveyard


paul m.



late noon sun  

our last day breaks into   



Jenny Fraser



empty hands
before sleep comes
mother’s humming


Erin Castaldi



sultry night

I smack a bug

on the word winter


Laurie D. Morrissey



mountain cabin

a hint of frost slips

through the cracks


Bruce H. Feingold



all morning

across the slate path

autumn earthworm


Judson Evans



early autumn—

conkers falling amid the stillness

of prayer flags


Wally Swist



grandpa's pipe
in the snowman's mouth
a porch light flicks on


Maxianne Berger



the winter field

a horse

following its breath


Roger Watson



dry rattle
a Nuttail's woodpecker
eyes the scrub oak


Deborah P Kolodji



her indifference
to the break up 

the sunflower turns its head


Jim Krotzman



From branch to branch

a flash of red

bird song


Michael Minassian



I squeeze myself

into the last corner

of sunset


Joanna Ashwell



the thinned bracken

gone purple with asters . . . 

revealing the deer run


Wally Swist



curve of the bay     

   giving him time                           

to tell me


Jenny Fraser



late autumn...
a room
without furniture


Marshall Bood




brushing the wind

out of her hair


Elaine Wilburt



searching for

each other

autumn leaves


Radostina Dragostinova



heat rising

grandmother sweeps ants

from sidewalk to street 


Bryan Rickert



end of summer

the creek faster

where it curves


Agnes Eva Savich



six weeks, no sunlight
a line of salt bisects
the highway


Robert Beveridge



drifting gull...
beneath the mist
the river widens


Clive Bennett



peeling the onion away...

the tan line

on his ring finger


Dan Salontai



stable light

the mare’s breath            

warm on my neck


Gavin Austin



snowbound the warmth of this sunlit room


martin gottlieb cohen



a call to pray

west of the picket fence

first crocus


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



a squirrel

rearranging a pinecone

steady clouds


Chris Jeffris



deep forest

the ears of a wallaby

touched by sun


Lorraine Haig




of milkweed

on the baby’s breath


Laurie Greer



white chrysanthemums

the faded color

of her absence


Eufemia Griffo



winter dawn –
the mist rising on
an unruffled lake


Antonietta Losito



hot day —
a lizard on a nearby rock
follows the sunset


Goran Gatalica



first snowfall


vintage wine


Roberta Beach Jacobson



winter sun...
a kitten sneaks
into a potato crate


Manoj Sharma



garden gate
a walk
into Jasmine scent


Elmedin Kadric



burnt marshmallow

— the nearby cadence

of a hermit thrush


Kevin Valentine



drizzle –

a dog is shaking

under a willow


Mauro Battini



Swifts long gone,
eaves carry empty echoes.


Jennifer A. McGowan



summer garden... 

the crimson flash 

of a sunbird 


Hemapriya Chellappan



autumn chill

knitting socks

before the ice forms


Mike Moule



the scent of jasmine

a lonely flute
shapes the dark


Bernard White



the red lampshade
autumn rain


Miriam Sagan



stubble field

waterlogged ruts

mirror the cold


Michael Baeyens



first frost the nothing I become


Elisa Theriana



river bed
footprints carried off
in the dust


Kristen Lang



saying goodbye

the scent of roses

before the rain


Joanne van Helvoort



autumn morning

a sunlit stone

at the river's source


Lucy Whitehead



blackbirds feasting

on windfall persimmons –

clear day in winter


Jerome Gagnon



salt spray toppling a cairn of oyster shells


Bill Cooper



autumn wind

learning to write

a will


John J. Han



from her keepsakes

a small jar of sand

no where or when


Peter Newton



beet soup –
the flavour of a place
I would like to go


Oscar Luparia



spring thaw . . .
on a mushroom
a baby snail


Taofeek Ayeyemi



beating cake batter –

her habit of pressing lips

       on my reflection


Ave Jeanne Ventresca



mango slice . . .

licking the juice

dripping down my elbow


Sunita Sahoo



across the gate 

of the dead dog’s pen

one spider strand


David Oates




long withheld...

snowy sky


Lucia Cardillo



from the clifftop
the chough


Mark Gilbert



baby's breath

the fragrance

of fresh soap


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



deep autumn
the fur on the bottom
of a cat's paw


Réka Nyitrai



moist ground

smell of bolete

among pine needles


Tomislav Sjekloća



old journal

her phone number

slips out


Jackie Chou



evening twilight

my grey hair scatters

on the pillow


Minal Sarosh




in early morning snow     

a lone coyote 


Marilyn Fleming


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