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hawk dives
winter through

every organ


more butter

under frying eggs
the cold calf's cry


mother's milk –

a machine drinks

in the dark


William Keckler



heavy draught

in the pound nets

All Souls’ Day


Radostina Dragostinova



late evening
the snow now deeper
than the dog

the winter oak full
of starlings


Ben Moeller-Gaa



all the birds' lost songs autumn wind  


Olivier Schopfer



snow clouds

a wasp nest weighs

on a shagbark limb


below a dead tree

snow untouched

by the wind


owl call …

the coldness of gloves

outside overnight


paul m.



all the dreams
I shared with you
childhood swing

the half-life
of painkillers
autumn branches


Christina Sng



smoke break...

a water strider skimming

the frog pond


Aaron Barry



mandolin strains

what stars make

of a river


Anna Cates



all day

   rain dripping off

      the weather vane


the coyote's tail


      into sage


Carl Mayfield



bumble bees

the undertone

of summer


may day

beyond the bunting

a cuckoo call


Mike Moule



the pelt of a fetal lamb freshly fallen snow


Réka Nyitrai

spring rain

passing the door

of your empty room


Barbara Tate




turns to frost

cattle gone


Helen Buckingham



a stray pup's ears

appear and disappear…

butterflies in the field


Kyle Sullivan



full moon
half of me
still sad

winter shadows gather dust
cold slippers

holding on
by frozen threads
last leaves


Erin Castaldi 



heavy snow –

her silence

in my bones


Goran Gatalica



a line of dolls

in the fishing boat

winter moon


Lucy Whitehead



invisible now

to the late commuters− 

 sea gull under snow


after the stars

 have all been taken down

 ladders in the cold


morning beach

the missing eye

of the sea bass


Judson Evans



the milky way

a part of me

seeps out of her


Dan Salontai



a deep caw inside the sound spring rain


Elmedin Kadric 




for the rose parade

all night jigsaw


Kath Abela Wilson



in an umbrella

       he carries his world...

       roadside seller


Shreya Narang



at dawn

a cat wails –



hazy day

slowly coming into focus

hot air balloon


Bob Carlton




so much water

in her footprints


Nikolay Grankin




of a nighthawk—                

moon shadows


Marilyn Fleming



desert oak
the many shapes
of stillness


Isabel Caves



outside the window

a drizzle of autumn leaves...

a verse miscarries


Srinivas S



late light

slipping from

magpie's wing


Alexander Wharton



long night

I burn the quilt

for a louse


Guliz Mutlu




the morning dew

on the spider web


Joanna Ashwell



wind cry

the last leaves

carried off


Connor McDonald



High in mountains

Bitter cold



Mollie Scourfield



Balcony railing –

Five pigeons watch

As an eagle hovers


Richa Sharma

first light

through a squeeze stile

deer tracks in mud


princess pines

on the shady side

fallen stone wall


canal lock

a backup

of oak leaves


through the cries

of migrating geese

a rooster


paul m.



her voice catching

the sudden shift

in the stars



the dark edges caught

in the cat's yowling


Beverly Acuff Momoi



forest trail

a torn owlet’s wing

slick with spittle


Mark Miller



stiff breeze...
a ribboned swell unfurls
to filigree

a wisp of morning mist
cudyn o niwl
ar grwydr


John Rowlands



dusk in the valley

forcing me to return

– autumn deepens


Goran Gatalica



the moment

the fog disappears




over hay bales

hawk thermals


the lee side

of a long cape

shallow shadows


Brad Bennett



I dig a hole
for the stillborn kitten…
winter stars


John McManus



ar hyd y ffordd

blas y glaw mân

a mwyar duon


along the way

the taste of drizzle

and blackberries


Thomas Powell



too fast
to read the station’s name –


Sandra Simpson



winter walk silence's white breath


on my own –

a hole in the ice

gathers fowl


fresh snow

the sheep's blood

blackens in the bucket


Adrian Bouter



a butterfly

opens its wings



Mark Gilbert



First day of summer  

the weatherboard house 

without him


Robbie Coburn



ginger sky

the last kernel crackling

in the crow’s beak


the coldness

of a prayer stone…

steady drizzle


Anna Cates



bitter wind

the backyard elm

sheds its last leaf


Jay Friedenberg



spring sunrise

the long shadows cast

by the Doric columns


lake breeze

the quietude of

a defibrillator


Bruce H. Feingold



Powerlines –
water droplets
shaken off one bird
land on another


Martin Pedersen



fallen petals

all the wrong turns

to the shore


Perry L. Powell



through the water

my paddle cuts

a thousand stars


into an empty sky


the cawing of crows


Michael Kozubek



a stray dog waits

outside the precincts —

Harvest Moon


Barnabas I. Adeleke



chimes tying the wind in notes


tree gone

sky redistributing

its weight


Laurie Greer



in the gold light

the bowed heads of sunflowers—

a lone hawk circling


Elaine Wilburt




graze your cheek

receding wave


Ross Neher



winter solstice
kittens follow mum
into squall


Husain Abdulhay



bus shelter

his reverberating



Owen Bullock



the silent sky

in deep furrows

a flock of sparrows


Mile Lisica



first snow...

the old katana



Agus Maulana Sunjaya



Winter drizzle

a sparrow closes his eyes

in anticipation


Padmini Krishnan



midnight sun

I cover my eyes

with your hand


Engin Gülez



waning crescent

the last letter from you

I never read


Jane Williams 




bee swimming

in my cider 


Agnieszka Filipek


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