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Wales Haiku Journal

Summer 2023

fiat lux

each dewdrop

a new sun


Joshua St. Claire

first monsoon drizzle . . .

nodding on the long stem

a budding rose

Manoj Sharma

it happens

every time we touch

a dewdrop

Keith Evetts


a sliver of sunlight

reaches the harbour

Daniel Treagust

dragging the net

from the sound of the sea -

departing spring 

Deborah A. Bennett

a haddock

poaching in warm milk

first light

Alan Peat

live stream 

the otter's briefest

sideways glance

Kristen Lindquist

trout fishing
the gentle pull
of the day moon

James Krotzman

sheltered bay

the happily contained arc

of one idea

Pepe Madera

endless blue ...

lifting off the water

a heron drips light

Chen-ou Liu

village market

puddles of rain

in the tarpaulin

Joanne van helvoort

soft rain
a puddle
full of goslings


Marilyn Ashbaugh

morning coast drive

flashing through trees

      the mirrored sea

Nathaneal Tico

a beaver's dive

widening circles

around the sun

Theresa A. Cancro



geese over water

real and ethereal meet

in the thin place

Alan Peat

into yesterday bridge over lotus pond


Alvin B. Cruz



clearing skies

a child's footsteps

ripple the clouds


Jay Friedenberg


sharing the breeze

with the fringe-lilies


Kristen Jane Lang



dry waterfall -

the energy it takes

to remain angry


Dan Salontai



into memory 

ripples across a bay 


Jenny Fraser


artificial reef

an eagle ray flies

from room to room


Debbie Strange


park bench

the willow sweeping      

light from the lake


Gavin Austin



by life’s ripples

white heron





 noon breeze

ruffling the pond's surface

      a water snake

Vidya S Venkatramani

small pond

swirled with pollen

circling swallows

Brad Bennett

tide pool  

winkles congregate 

in a cola bottle

Carly Siegel Thorp

all things

must pass


Jeff Hoagland

pond reeds

a mallard slips

into frog sounds

David Matta

suddenly clear

the black lotus pond

in cupped hands

F Chambliss

alternate reality

stepping into

a puddle of clouds

Anne Elise Burgevin

stronger than the ferry’s mooring island clothes’ line

Judson Evans

summer river—


dripping sunlight

Lee Hudspeth

sea breeze 

the scent of lavender 

bending into the blue

Lori Kiefer

skipping stones

the heat seeds a turquoise sky

with high clouds 

Ben Oliver

summer heat –

in the wishing fountain

beer caps   


Oscar Luparia


the river mud etched 

by grizzly paws


Aidan Castle



worm moon   even fish glitter   in joy


Shari Abramson


high tide…

smashing on the rocks

all my excuses


Adele Evershed



of my conscience

plodding whelk


John Pappas


dream space

between our beach chairs

rippling sunset


Chen-ou Liu



where the old river

falls into a deep green pool

the thought of you… gone


John Hawkhead


boat sale

his dad's memory shifts

further downstream


Máire Morrissey Cummins




the silver river slides by

in silence


Mike Gallagher


erasing the scribbles

of periwinkles

evening surf


Nancy Orr




in a river of light

tidal moon


David Watts


storm’s end—

a bend in the river

of stars

Jonathan Roman


upon the tide

summer stars

Joanna Ashwell

still pond 

water lilies bloom

on the crescent moon


Ling Ge



strolling alone the childhood river runs with stars


Chen-ou Liu


nightlong storm

rivulets reappear

across mountain paths


Almila Dükel



blue moon— 

a heron and I

night fishing


Clive Bennett


moonlit seashore

the last fishing boat returns

carrying stars


Ling Ge




over an ocean edge 

a thousand stars  


Jenny Fraser

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