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the journal’s pages 

softened by mist


Bryan Rickert



feasting on core and stem

after snow melt in the orchard . . .

wild turkeys


Wally Swist



tree rings—

how the dry years



Cynthia Anderson



sea breeze

last year's cattails bend

beneath the blackbird


Kristen Lindquist



summer camp

a watermelon cools

in the nearby stream


Terri L. French



heat haze 

curlew rise over

the moor heather


Ben Oliver



day's end

the slosh of water

in the bilge


Dan Treagust



slivers of dawn
round the roots
of the marsh flower


Kristen Lang



summer heat

a cotoneaster

fans the old wall


John Hawkhead



bending deeply

into the weeds 

his straw hat


Bruce H. Feingold



morning tide 

a gull’s cry

spreads into foam


Barrie Levine



cloud peaks—

a warbler ripples light

in the birdbath


Neena Singh



abandoned farm —
summer drizzle gives shape
to the wind


Goran Gatalica



after rain
the footsteps of a limping cat
linger in the alley


Keiko Izawa




i listen to the last stretch

of untouched snow


Michael Baeyens



minnow shimmer

a heron's footprints

in the shallows


Brad Bennett



evening rain
the glow of tents
at the campground


Ben Gaa



dawn reddens the tree line –

leaves blow along the snow crust

in the March wind


Wally Swist



restless night 

the snowplow’s scrape

between dreams


Bryan Rickert



lengthening shadows

an arc of grackles

flies to roost


Kristen Lindquist



frozen soil

a raven pecks

through corn stubble


Jay Friedenberg



late afternoon

black-throated sparrows scatter

through the drizzle


Cynthia Anderson



a wallaby
watching the highway

pale dawn sky


Marietta McGregor




it is

then it isn't


Peter Ormsby


winter –

the weeds among

our words


Michael Buckingham Gray



high fever . . .

ants crawling in

mother's syrup


Ekta Rana



night train...
the wind of tomorrow blows
through the window


Srinivas S



the mosquito on my arm


Oscar Luparia



tattered moth wings

against the window pane

my father’s mind


Janet M. Ruth



valley echo

the growing space

inside us


David Watts



midnight temblor—

the tiny lampchain

ticks against the lamp


Michael Dylan Welch



a walk by the sea

ants carrying bones

to my footprints


Alvin B. Cruz



spring again

I wonder what

the river’s up to


John Stevenson



the last stipple
of the painter’s brush
evening drizzle


Marilyn Ashbaugh



red-tailed hawk perched

on a branch above the orchard –

snow flecking its wings


Wally Swist



dank afternoon

a table lamp casts shadows

across the island map


Sherrell R. Wigal



the old pond

silted into



Kathleen Vasek Trocmet



hospice visit

I use the handrail 

more than dad


Maya Daneva



amongst primroses

at the crossroads

unmarked graves


Steve Black



dead starling. . .

on every bead of dew

the widespread sky


Richard Tindall



newborn fawn learning his mother’s tongue 


Laurie Greer



kitchen sink

the baby’s bottle brush 

hangs there still


Neena Singh



morning chill

a red-winged blackbird

stokes its color


Jonathan Humphrey



lily pollen

she loses the sense

of herself


Debbie Strange



the river’s rush

a chimney swift

skim-bathes in flight


Hannah Mahoney



summer again

drawers still full

of old seashells


Eufemia Griffo



in gardenia folds
morning rain


Gavin Austin



evensong –
within the weeping pear


Dorothy Burrows




on the Oven’s river

as you’re dying


Carl Walsh



coastal fog
disperse it


William Scott Galasso




forest rhythm



Roberta Beach Jacobson



snowy sidewalk

dog footprints in a u-turn

at the school bus stop


John J. Dunphy



back home

bindweeds mending

the old fence


Mona Iordan



summer rain –

all these bird songs

flowing down the trees


Benedetta Cardone



dog rose

even for her hand

too precious to cut


Mike Moule




the surface tension

as we touch


Keith Evetts



harvest moon

the tide

cuts up rough


Helen Buckingham



I add a codicil
to the last
day of summer


J. Zimmerman



rising moon

a boat coughs

through the lock


Dee Montague



neon lit pond
how shallow  
its silence


Hifsa Ashraf 



boardwalk chatter…
cormorant spreads its wings
to dry


Earl Livings



longest day

shadows of mountains hide

shadows of clouds


Kristen Lindquist



a day old foal

on a pillow of grass

one ear perked


Bill Cooper



autumn waters

one by one

the red maple leaves


Ryland Shengzhi Li




the delta silt

grows deeper


Michael Galko



bluefin tuna


in the supermarket


Gopal Lahiri




a summer moon shines

through his head


Terrie Jacks



just by the wing tips inland seagulls


David Gale



more apologies

than time

drifting leaves


Joanna Ashwell



summer sun
just enough stream
for a bullfrog’s song


Marilyn Ashbaugh



abandoned house
through the broken window
full moon


Sina Sanjari



overgrown Rhubarb

rotting in the garden

my grandfather left


Noel King



the scent of pines
fills our path


David He



summer pond

rose petals spreading

on her shadow


Lisbeth Ho 



applewood smoke

our map back

to camp


Barbara Sabol



cricket song…

my prayers tumble

past the Kuiper Belt


Joshua Gage



village festival

the higher voices of men

who’ve been drinking


Rp Verlaine



a tern colony

returns nesting zinc-white on

a coastline of blue


Moná Toirésa Ó Loideáin Rochelle



past the sand bar
feeling the depth of life
in the gut


B.A. France



through the pines


and whip-poor-wills


Jeff Hoagland



first warm day

a green tractor

at full tilt


Claire Everett




the sun squints back at me


Adam Schaeffer



grassland breeze
faded words
on the tombstone


Stephen C. Curro




a paperweight

groundswell of memory


Luciana Moretto



desert night

the shape of the wind

still in the sand


Joanne van Helvoort



thick river fog

a lone blue heron

walks a beat


Richard Matta



autumn dusk

the park fills up

with silence


Sushama Kapur



ebb tide

the stillness in

his portrait


Gurpreet Dutt



pressing on towards

the farmer’s meadow

apple cider on our tongues


Maureen Jivani



resetting the timer…                                       

her grandson sugaring

the sand tarts


Elaine Wilburt




some part of me 

already gone 


Owen Bullock



water wheel

pulling up clouds

from the river


Roman Lyakhovetsky



bruised hands in his lap

my fading father

listens to bird song


Amanda Bell



mid-summer heat
kimchi ferments
in an underground crock


Alan S. Bridges



the cart seller's bull

after eating a banana

sniffs my hand


Richa Sharma



port side

remnants of mackerel

diving gulls


Erin Castaldi



bright autumn day

yogurt fermenting

on a gas stove


Anna Cates



up in the attic

crawling through

my childhood


Clive Bennett



a rubber band

around the seed packets

late frost


Denise Fontaine-Pincince




catching fireflies

inner light


Michael Winter 



river dredge

a minnow

raising speckles


Jeffrey Ferrara



maple leaves fall
as paint flakes fall
from the tree fort


Anthony Lusardi



even the barbed wire
has frozen over –
Lipa refugee camp


Antonio Mangiameli



the old rooster
crows all day


Tom Bierovic



a wood frog


the last brown fern


Richard Thomas



the slight movement
of a sleeping cat’s ear
distant thunder


Ernest Wit



muscovite glinting

along the embankment wall –

south-bound train


Maeve O'Sullivan



after the curve

the light of the rapeseed

still in the eye


Maria Teresa Piras



summer woods

all of these wildflowers

still with no name 


Maire Morrissey Cummins



the gull shakes

the crab

swallowing it whole


Joan C. Fingon



old battlefield

the unrelenting march

of weeds


Mike Gallagher



white hydrangeas...

feeding the silences

inside me


Lucia Cardillo



low tide

a curlew’s cry cutting

through sea coast fog


Terri L. French



June heat

soft brome shimmers

in the meadow


Fionnuala Waldron



only shadows 

on the new snow

morning walk


Roger Dutcher



passing storm
a starfish in the light
of the moon


Carol Raisfeld



a white ghost jumps out of
the whiskey bottle


Pitt Büerken



late sun
in the trees
hanging fruit bats


Tom Staudt



sleeping on a bed of hay thunderstorm


Mariangela Canzi



one boy killed ants
the other let one
walk up his long thin arm


Patrick Sweeney



even together

we are lonely

wild geese


Kelley J. White



the injured impala

staggers towards sunset –

vast horizon


Sean Hein



lawn mowing

the machine pauses

at wild violets


John J. Han



spruce trees . . . 

how they brush away

the rain clouds 


Milan Rajkumar



scorching sun – 

along the rail tracks 

tufts of weeds 


Daniela Misso



moonlight –

a drop of milk

on his hand


Cinzia Pitingaro




i lost

spring sea 


Maria Concetta Conti




a fantail’s quick 

branch switch


Sherry Grant



walk ahead

walk behind

country roads


James Maddison 



the old lilac
this year only two
deep purple blooms


Jill Lange



blood moon…

just before the umbra

clouds clear


Rob McKinnon



one spot of sunlight

on the porch

the neighbor's cat


Wilda Morris



Bleak mid-marriage 
Sighs settle— decking the fir trees


Adele Evershed



in curled briars
a blackthroat sings
—wood smoke


Simon Wilson




I wiggle my way

out of commitments





edge of the woods
a haze that is not there
colors everything


Jeanne Cook



how the hummingbird

got between screen and glass

how it flies


Nola Obee



the deep bows

of lavender stems



Seren Fargo



red plum

petals on a wet 

buddha belly 


M. R. Defibaugh



pre-storm quiet
knowing it’s there
not knowing when


Deborah P Kolodji



village carnival

a display of bangles 

hide the cyclist’s way


Mallika Chari



summer sunrise

a bumblebee emerges

from the foxglove


Kevin Valentine



the woods are alive –

the nights of stolen summers

are rushing through us


Ruth Esther Gilmore



our short time
left together


Tony Williams



summer solstice

the dragonfly walks around

on its shadow


Françoise Maurice



corn field

I see a scarecrow

inside me


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



starry night
a toddler stops to gaze
at his sparkly shoes


Louisa Howerow



no sun today
at sunset point . . .
the mountain silence


Manoj Sharma



the woodpecker beats

the coconuts

still unripe


Vincenzo Adamo



moon wind

the flower’s shadow 

added to mine


Carmela Marino



high tide......

the way you left me



Nisha Raviprasad



spring rain

filtering again

mother's soup


Mircea Moldovan



late summer

seen through her hair

a cicada's shell


Nancy Brady




the quick dash of a beetle

into an empty trash can


Priscilla Arthur



bristle grass —
all the words
I didn’t mean


Lysa Collins



sundown –

in the mango tree foliage

the flash of a flameback


Vidya S Venkatramani



roadside stop

cooling our feet

in the creek


Marilyn Humbert


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