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after love
the taste of wild

a gust of spring 

the playground swing sways
into my childhood


her origami crane
unfolded again


Chen-ou Liu



wave after wave

the cold sea grows

warm on my skin


Agnes Eva Savich


a horseshoe leans

against the stake –

almost fall


early light

the tip of a fish hook

pops through a worm 

Dan Salontai

fading daylight

the distant drumming

of a grouse


Laurie D. Morrissey



spring downpour—

the pink magnolia petals

shattered across the grass


ferns by the doorway

brown to translucence . . .

pattering October rain


reddening tops

of row after row of tasseled corn—

September dawn


Wally Swist



glint of trout

cars nosing forward

in the rain


Keith Polette



I brew tea
for my dead mother

A three-legged dog
follows me home–
end of autumn


Alexis Rotella



late fall rain
a passed-over squash
melting to seeds


partially snared
in a trap
the mouse’s tiny voice


a hickory leaf’s
slow descent
my dog tugs the leash


Warren Gossett



fingers sifting through

rose petals in a glass bowl —

sunlight returning


Jerome Gagnon



first snow

one shrivelled apple

in the fruit bin


Anna Cates



seeing it first

in his voice –

blue sheen of the grackle

beyond the waterfall roar

hand gestures

of the couple's conversation

measuring the spring rain

by lengths

of dandelions

Judson Evans



spring mist — 
the thickness 
of her forefinger


Goran Gatalica



path meandering 

through the linden forest

nightingale song


Bruce H. Feingold



the whiteness of language under my hands


Shloka Shankar 



crows and I

call this moment

through trees


under the pine




Owen Bullock



fading sun
out of sanddust
a crow's cry


David He Zhuanglang



his breathing

balanced between two twigs

hooded crow


cloudy afternoon

trying to map father

over the radiographer’s shoulder


Clare McCotter



killing a spider

to sleep alone all night

passing without dreams   


Michael Feil




your favourite rose

I think of her


before after the river on my tongue


Helen Buckingham



crossing the Rubicon  one stone at a time


Barbara Tate



backyard sprinkler

the blackbird splashes

under a rainbow


scrap of fur

a raven scrapes its beak

on the tar


Lorraine Haig



autumn leaves

the refugee’s hands

red with henna


Guliz Mutlu



the sharp ending
of her brush stroke...
spring rain


Réka Nyitrai



night train 

the mime removes 

his makeup 


snow moon 

my daughter tries to wake 

her dead rabbit 


John McManus



alpine hut

our lantern sparkles

with moth dust


trail ride

my bootlaces bristle

with burrs


Debbie Strange



rain-streaked window

the abbot’s cracked voice

at vespers


Radostina Dragostinova



harbor a wind-shift unfurls gulls


Adrian Bouter



ants on the move –
the gentle sway
of a dead butterfly


old walls –
my shadow and a dead lizard
withering in the sun 


Oscar Luparia



a lonely night

cats’ eyes

blink in rainfall


Joanna Ashwell



not knowing how to let go     wild roses


Ben Moeller-Gaa




the car door

yellow scented lupins  


summer rain

koi in and out

of oxygen weed 



a falcon pins our gaze

on the wind    


Jenny Fraser



deep summer —   
the softness
of sheep’s belly


Goran Gatalica




in the key of B flat—

a blackhole


Marilyn Fleming



bore heb lwybr…

llais yr ysguthan

yn symud trwy’r goedwig


pathless morning…

a woodpigeon’s voice

moves through the forest


Thomas Powell



raft anchored

to the full moon

shadows dive in


Elancharan Gunasekaran



sudden wind

the ginkgo tree shakes off

golden sunshine


slanting light

a beer bottle in the ditch

catches a shine


John Zheng




over the pond grass

clouds of glitter


Bruce Jewett



thick with fog
the frog's voice
repeating itself


Elmedin Kadric



she said no heavy rain in the forecast


Christine Goodnough



trešnja u cvatu                                                                    

sav se bahar skupio                                                            

na mravinjaku                                                                     


blossoming cherry

all scents have gathered

on the anthill


gasim fenjere                                                                      

da u očima konja                                                                

vidim sazvežđe                                                                   


I turn off the lights

to see the constellation

in the horse’s eyes


Mile Lisica



Train ride:

the copper flashes

of pheasants' tails 


Jim Sussex



catching sleep…

a sunbeam slips through

the window


Anne Carly Abad



above the tenor that falsetto candlelight smouldering


Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah



warm breeze

bee flies into

the sound of wind


TAK Erzinger



pale sunbeams –

a tiny woodpecker

curving your smile


Gopal Lahiri




all that hiking to view

the mist


Quendryth Young




in moonlight

this wrinkled bark


S.M. Kozubek



power cut                             

the omnipresence

of birdsong



an old hymn—

rhythm of the rain


Nathalie Buckland



canyon heat

our bread blown dry

before lunch


Debbie Scheving



collecting shells...

the sea breeze

in my palms


Gurpreet Dutt




its fragrance

abuzz with bees


Mike Moule



rainy night
counting the years
my grandma passed on


Precious Oboh



Rose garden

an essence of diesel 

on the petals





drifting snow –

shattering the silence

a wren sings 


Clive Bennett



outgoing tide –

through dark green weed

fishermen wade


Amanda Bell



midsummer day
the only breeze
a hover fly


Roger Watson



sudden rain

the missing words

in my poem


Agus Maulana Sunjaya 



who will know

I never unpotted the plant

you gave me


Karen Robbie



Fractured clouds
swans escape the water
and drop a silver rain


Bernard White



back from Eire

a polished worry stone

in my pocket


Pitt Büerken



petals open

for bees

that aren't there


Roberta Beach Jacobson


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