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hands all over our summer nights blur together 


the old blue car

without power steering:

a talk with dad 


a trout leaps my son's attention span 


Chad Lee Robinson



white seashells...

a child collects

her first summer


Lucia Cardillo



the shimmering wing

       of a fly on a houseplant

               this long drought



      white of a gull

out of moorland mist...

       the empty road


Fred Schofield



snow –

deeper into winter

our footprints


dusk deepens

pausing to taste the wind

a red fox


Mark Miller



still afternoon –

yesterday's buzzard perch 

falls in the forest


Kent Travis



coffee break
bees tipping
into the lavender


Melissa Howell



August rain . . . 

the barely visible outline

of the distant mountains


their umbels jostling

in the wind over the clovered field—

Queen Anne’s lace


the Jersey nuzzling

tall meadow grass in the rain . . .

sweet scent of mown hay


Wally Swist



new blue rope

a child’s bucket

taken by the sea


Jackie Biggs



snow geese—

finding somewhere within myself

to hide from myself


chip in the teacup surface of the moon


Nicholas Klacsanzky



a sand lily

the mist

going on


Guliz Mutlu



tower crane
gradually lifting
the moon


Barun Saha



slow day 

the bee's buzz louder 

in the bellflower 


the slap 

of a wood pigeon's wings 

midsummer drought 


Lucy Whitehead



fall moonrise

a rowboat startles



Jianqing Zheng



mountain torrent 

the wild gyre

in the falcon’s gaze


John Hawkhead



late summer sun
darkness at the root of
her ponytail


Ben Moeller-Gaa



languid afternoon

growing old together

mayfly and I


a soft rain

learning to bend

with the wind


David J Kelly



painting the wind                                           

the brush finds

empty space


Michael Minassian



bird feeder
sways with the weight of
summer thunder


Erin Castaldi



brown weeds

beyond the back yard –

his deflated ball


a splash of poppies

in my knitting –

late snow


Marita Gargiulo



splitting firewood cicadas


Matthew Moffett



heat wave

a cloud above

a small tree


Nikolay Grankin



bare branches

what the cancer

left behind



mother leaves

her body


Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



all spring you sing

in my backyard— and I don’t 

even know your name


Bruce Jewett



distant thunder

windows and doors



Anna Maris



airplane window

a baby's bottle

falls on my foot


Michael Simpkins


a broken sphere

of allium


Debbie Strange



evening sun 

the dog brings us

some ocean


Stephen Toft



dawn moon
the mouthpiece
of the trumpet

last light
all the beggar
can muster


Elmedin Kadric



inscribing the sky

with histories

wind-shaped hawthorns


Morwen Brosschot



muazzin’s call

following my father’s footprints

through the mist


midnight stroll

a stray dog leads me

out of the mist


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



the floor mat

shines in the midnight –

Strawberry Moon


Kanchan Chatterjee



bullet shot cacti
undulating in heat
a condom tangled
in desert dust


loud blue sky
meat circles
above meat


Connor McDonald




a snail recoils

at a pinch of salt


Michael Kang'a



at the stove

icy parkas



Michael Kozubek



thin white moon

the black hills

hold no dreams


Adrian Bouter



laurel roots…

the ins and outs

of a badger’s night


upturned cattle trough

jackdaws forage

the hoof-trodden earth


Thomas Powell



scorching heat –

the fruit vendor's

toothless smile 


Andrea Cecon



end of autumn
the last leaf falls
into silence


Rachel Sutcliffe



wind through the pines –

I lift my head

from between her legs



a sparrow sings

its mother's song


Dan Salontai



geese eating elm seeds floating on the lake


Marshall Bood



winter gale

opening the door

loneliness rushes in


Tim Gardiner



midnight moon
the highway stretches
into morning


Deborah P Kolodji 



village massacre
in a dead baby's hand


Justice Joseph Prah



still rows –
the ruby throats of swallows on a wire


Christina Martin

shattered into fragrance—

purple lilac buds rocking

in the cool rain


backlit sunshower . . .

blowing through the screen door

evening coolness


rainy morning—

a trail of maple buds reddens

the puddled street


Wally Swist



raw again

where I am torn

from my mother's body


dusky light – 

the canoes hold winter

in their hulls


Judson Evans



floating downriver on driftwood a dragonfly


spring rain

grandma's roses bloom

without her


summer heat

fourteen cows belly deep

in the pond


ahead of the storm

a moth at the window

     ...summer night


Barbara Tate



the long drive home

I carry the sea

inside a stone


Peter Newton



gathering storm

a raven’s gravel-call

splits the light


snow on the wind 

sudden glints of colour

in the magpie’s wing


John Hawkhead



a stray dog slowly grows

his own kind of coat…

smoke from the rice straw


a green chafer

settles at last on my shoulder…

one deep heartbeat


shrine ruin in blossom…

resident dogs

brush what's fallen


cold cloud drifts…

the red kapok tree

white with cranes


and now all my love

is wrapped up in the dogs…

fall wind parts a field


Kyle Sullivan



little coffin
the sound of the wind
even colder

surging sea      one dream away from mother


Chen-ou Liu




everything beyond the pale

moves in closer


Devin Harrison



peeling tide...

I claw

long into the night



an infinity

of petals   


Rest Home


heads swimming


Helen Buckingham



cuckoos . . .

        the forest

turning into a song


Gowtham Ganni



summer heat
the depth
of the ewe’s wool


nursing home visit
the lobby aviary
a blur of feathers


Edward J. Rielly



Bronze age arrowhead
the forest grows
another antler


Andy McLellan



summer rain

the far off cry

of a blue jay



a blue butterfly

hinges open


thunderstorm season

a wood chipper's 

blast and whir


Brad Bennett



summer breeze . . .                       
the kite fails 
to lift 


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



wild blackberries stem
framing the window
my daughter's sleep


huge clouds
mom hanging out sheets
among the cherries


Radostina Dragostinova



rainy night

my heartbeat

slows down


Claudia Messelodi




his softer side—

woodland moss


Marilyn Fleming



city lights dripping

into the streets

summer rain



the darkness shifts

into shades


Debbi Antebi



first visitor 
a yellow butterfly 
on the torii gate


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



harvest moon

autumn's last



Colleen M. Farrelly



passing along the hall,

this heat wave slowly



Jacqui Thewless



so many summers 

this cloud 

between dusk and dark


next to you,

breathing together,

snow   falling 


Leonard Green



soaring skylark

puffs of blooms 

scent the vale


Guliz Mutlu



by mountain
colobus disappear

take off
from a grassy strip —
the pilot wets a finger


Lysa Collins



Alone, daydreaming

in the summer countryside –

patches of heather


Ben Grafström



unmarked grave

a child lays

a paper flower


Anthony Q. Rabang



counting sand

between the toes

a dying wave


her name

written on the sand:

wave breaks


Ram Krishna Singh

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