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the wind takes us
piece by piece
dandelion clocks


Lucy Whitehead



the restless swirl

of banded demoiselles...

heat lingers


stiff breeze

a crane fly clings

to dead nettles 


the dark skeletons

of teasels...

winter loneliness


Polona Oblak



just when I think
this is how alone I am
– a shadow, watching


Emily Vanderploeg



rusty chair

in the garden

the little fingerprints


Mariela Coromoto Hernandez



dusty mimosa

the heavy scent of the sun

Christina Martin



birthday –

I feel my bones



Antonio Mangiameli 



night trauma the fluid twist of crows


Carol Jones



cut grass scent

walking into

my childhood



a palm tree’s shadow ripples

the swimming pool


harbour wall

the spider grips

it’s windblown web


Joe Woodhouse



clifftop bracken

the sea too belongs

to the robin’s song


Thomas Powell



huddled in our tent

waiting for north wind to cease

the nightingale sings


Helen May Williams




a hermit crab hides

from my shadow


low tide

the gnarled stumps

of mangroves


Louise Hopewell



summer novel

a fly lands

on the last word


spring sun

forsythia cascades

down the hillside


Jay Friedenberg



evening swim

up to my chin 

in gold


Sarah Paul




how far the wind rolls 

each seed 


Gurpreet Dutt 



almond blossom –

laced light, against

sodden bark


Rachel Carney



winter dragging on...
cigarette butts frozen
in the ice

returning geese...
beer bottles tossed
onto the lake


Marshall Bood



caught on the breeze
the stench of fish
a gull’s shrill cry


Mark Gilfillan 

fish leap

ever-growing circles 

reach the bank

Alison Lock


the sound of sandals

on grass


Agnes Eva Savich



robin’s nesting the stillness of the afternoon

hawk cry
a squirrel and i
rise to hear it

what's left of the orange
lingers on my fingers
winter sunset


Ben Moeller-Gaa



filling the woodpecker’s silence autumn rain


trembles in an icicle –
freight train


Stephen Toft



spilling out
      the subway doors
            someone’s soda


Greg Schwartz



misty dawn
drifting in and out
of dreams


Christina Sng



silence after sighs

the river still dripping

from the kingfisher


Dave Lewis



two candle flames 


midsummer night


Natalia L Rudychev



May dew


on my mother’s hands


Roger Watson



cold winter

twin silos wrapped by

withered vines


Jianqing Zheng



peak summer
on dry river bed
up turned boat


Basant Kumar Das



all night
rain falling
through my dreams


Maureen Sudlow



stars on stars...

the scent of orange flowers

lights the dark


Lucia Cardillo




the still lake –



Kanchan Chatterjee



Winter holidays 

my son chases butterflies 

flower to flower


R K Singh



From the river,

a wet dog

shakes its storm.


Bryan Marshall

night falls

through distant stars

into her epitaph


Robert Witmer



our drive

to the coast

three hawks long


Brad Bennett



your house for sale –

picking through the gravel drive


David Lewis



two collared doves 

on my balcony –

February sunrise



by a single yellow iris –

retreat garden


Maeve O'Sullivan



summer dawn the stir in an anthill


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



in a patch of moonlight

criss-crossed by mullions

the dead rat


Rona Laycock



hunting season

a lone dove watches

the evening star


Barbara Tate



a frog's voice


the moonrise


David He



Bed side witch-hazel

my Spring is tapped

for the tumour’s source.


Mary Gilonne



hiking country 
divided by wire
the dragon moon


Ernesto P. Santiago



kitchen window

through a moth's wings



André Surridge



forgetting to cap

the gas tank

super moon 


Jessica Malone Latham



rain wet leaves light in the dark


Connor McDonald



a light snow

covers the tracks

of my shovel


Jacob Blumner



distant thunder . . .

a lizard drops its tail

on my head


Aparna Pathak



full moon –

only in my shadow

the fireflies


Margherita Petriccione



scented wind
the city welcomes
the harmattan


Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian



evening heat –

the vibrations of frogs

under water lilies


Goran Gatalica



white hydrangea –

the heavy shadow

of rain


Angiola Inglese



midnight fog

a dream

I can't remember


Gabriel Bates

brim full bucket

the sky quivers

and spills over


David Urwin



the fragrance of onions

browning in a skillet—

October chill


stifling heat—

the copse of thistles all going
to wisps atop their stems


Wally Swist



from inside

this illness

waving at trains


rust on the tracks

the lonely landscape

of a harmonica


mistaken for moonlight morphine drip


paper snowflake . . .

my dead brother's name 

hangs in the air


Chad Lee Robinson



crabapple blossom –

the skin cancers on my face
weep a little


voiding itself into dry grasses the buttermilk cow


Sandra Simpson



bamboo shoots

the gardener cracks

his knuckles


gibbous moon

leaving its own track

a walking stick


full moon

on each sea wave

a thicker foam


Indra Neil Mekala



a handful of feathers

and above, only one 

crow's call


March blue moon

the beach fills

with bull kelp


Marietta McGregor



on the floor

outside the pharmacy

rosary beads 

the first snow
of her feet


Danny Blackwell



wanting to smooth it out peach leaf curl


June bugs


the last of the figs 


Beverly Acuff Momoi



early rain

mist in valley

makes a thin path


Jackie Biggs

under a streetlamp

erasing my shadow
with a flashlight


on the hermit’s stone bed
a butterfly’s wing
—all there is

this huge tree
tied to the ground
by a spider’s web


autumn sunlight
just too late
to walk to the park


Kim Richardson



a plane tree leaf lands

on a bandsman’s drum


David Cobb


the tangle of april




from a dead candle

spanish moss


deep winter

that last howl

across the ice


Perry L. Powell




our love still wavers 


Mary Hanrahan



mountain chill –

smoke from one chimney

in the old village


summer breeze

billowing the curtains

scent of resin


Steven Van Der Heyden



sunlit field

the way father

used to whistle


warm breeze

each blade of grass

moves as one


gathering dusk

I put my last wishes

into writing


Rachel Sutcliffe



spring snow
another draft
of her obituary


the green tips
of the garlic scapes
easter vigil


lightning moon
the single white hair
in his beard


long commute
hoarfrost glistens
on headstones


Jennifer Hambrick




the thousand forms

of a mandala


pale sun

a last farewell

in her hospital room

birch tree

the evening sunlight

from leaf to leaf 


Eufemia Griffo



broken shells
the sea storm
gives up its ghosts


John Hawkhead



touch of wind

almond bud unfurled
in leaf shade


Somayajulu Musunuri



Black Mountains

wrapped in mist

a wild pony

(for Gwyn W. Woodyatt)


Corine Timmer



in the bookshop

I take all day

to find you


Karen Robbie



The cold winter air
blew away my last thought
- ah, growing old.


Michael Minassian



broken window

I save
all the pieces 


Kath Abela Wilson



gazing into
the eyes of a butterfly
after your passing


Lucy Whitehead



the ditch
gathers footprints...
childhood swing

my hair
thick with sawdust...
autumn chill

the homeless
between buildings 
night fog


Dave Read

bud filled branches

chickadee dee dee calls

fill the air


Vera Constantineau



Saying "I do"

for the sixth time



Vandana Parashar



on the train home

i eat crisps

for the sound


ai li



deer in dry winter

​blending into bark
only their eyes move


Bruce Jewett



crescent moon—

the arch of catkins

over the stream


Martha Magenta



at the abbey –

the sky is where 

the roof was


Alexander Wharton



late spring snow –

the depth

of my frustration


Julie Bloss Kelsey



Chernobyl silence

moss on

a roller coaster ride


William Keckler



super moon
a bullfrog staring
at its reflection


Angelo B. Ancheta



between a thought and another lilac scent


Dietmar Tauchner

random gunfire
in the schoolyard
first daffodils

barking the runaway awake rescue dog


clinical trial —
first we talk about
the weather


Roberta Beary



shingle beach...

   shivering kids

      chase the tide


ear-splitting descent...                               

one fish supper

to the gulls


wolf moon

   my familiar

slips from view


living statue


by a leaf


Helen Buckingham



in the breeze

of an ambulance

a nodding iris


from here to the mountain       wildflowers


the shadow in a honeycomb where the bee backed out


Michael Dylan Welch



all day drizzle —

how easy to smudge the ink

of a winter haiku


autumn wind —

the shell moves faster

without the snail


Stanford M. Forrester



another year older

a glacial erratic



frost cracks—

always the same

side of the moon


hospice entrance

the heavy scent

of cut grass


evening fireflies

ribs of an old rowboat

deep in shore grass


a second titmouse…

blue shadows deepen

in the tree well


paul m.



a late hatched fly

behind the glass goes buzz and

buzz and buzz and


the shifting of leaves –

as if the early sunlight

unsettled them, too


it is not because

the pine needs to be described

you need to be here


Philip Gross



river-moss the mallards feeding the day slowly


Alan Summers



Ripples running 

through wind-blown reeds 

nothing more than that


Fading sunset

oystercatchers pipe

in the half light


Ian Storr




in our bucket

the river


gaps in the cloud cover

the dog breaks into

our silence


one country to the next

rain covered



hurrying by

our river

out in the rain


Gary Hotham



orb weaver

floats a line

on the wind



a cracked inkwell

filled with mud


end of summer

the smell of neoprene



father's day

a chair left under

the cherry tree


a redshank's echo skims the river moon


Caroline Skanne



we kick acorns
into the long grass


the wrong way
up the one-way street


John Rowlands



a leaf opens

in the old teapot

winter solitude


river mist

a ginkgo leaf drifts

into autumn


Andrea Cecon



city bus station –

the glow of fruit stalls

through the dust


air conditioning

shudders to a halt –

mosquito whine


Amanda Bell



hard frost
a pumpkin melts
into itself

winter light
a scrawl of skaters
on the river


Debbie Strange



from dapple
to dapple
a fawn


Christmas Eve
the lighthouse twinkling
for three seals

sheep wool snagged
    on a wire mesh fence
mackerel sky


Scott Mason



waiting room

father’s hand

smaller than mine


Elizabeth Moura




         of the river

the river

         leaves behind


(for Krish)



old fishmonger up to his eyes in it


Brendon Kent



rainy afternoon

the wet girl holds a daisy

over her doll’s head


afternoon the length of a dog’s tongue


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy



the shadow of 
her uncurling toes 

evening light...
a snowflake punctuates 


Praniti Gulyani



anthill in the forest

everyone is busy

but me


Nikolay Grankin



unseasonably warm
my neighbor mows
a pile of dead leaves


the puppy curls into 
a corner


Gabriel Bates



one foot at a time

learning of the things that lie

beyond the duvet


turn by turn

opening the lock gates



David J. Kelly



scorching heat--
a crow scratches the
mid-noon silence


Pravat Kumar Padhy




at the end of the road



summer’s end

twilight sticky

on the butterfly’s wings



what was



Rajani Radhakrishnan



evening rain 
faint sound of prayers 
from the hospice


billowing clouds 
under a blooming water lily
a koi


Agus Maulana Sunjaya 



sniffing it anyway

the plastic rose


Owen Bullock



the crow perches
atop a deer rib
cars flying by


Robin Smith



buzzard on a fencepost

a single lapwing

a solitary hare


a cut coin

neatly bisected

half a moon


Martin Locock



the road curves

how they stray from home

 shoeless boys


Gillena Cox



perched on telephone wire,

a lone crow caws

across the silent field


Rhys Owain Williams



snowy owl

rooted in the landscape

without its echo


Goran Gatalica



hollow bones

the shearwater's hard landing

across the path


Mark Gilbert

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