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a chirp

skims the pool


John Zheng



the night
he wasn’t born
rain-heavy melons


Isabel Caves





Christopher Patchel



New Year's day sunlight—

poinsettia flowers wound

around slats of the sled


Wally Swist




dither in cat briar

tinge of winter


Erin Castaldi



someone's soul

in the meadow silence

is becoming a bug


Mile Lisica



bringing the mountain with it the spring wind 


Jenny Fraser



a day with rain—

coffeeshop cobblestones

thicker with moss


Michael Dylan Welch



pond bridge—
the willow stirs
this other me


Gavin Austin



long afternoon...

an egret hops 

over a tether rope


K. Ramesh



the swamp

slowly thaws

first blackbirds


Brad Bennett




a school of moon jellies

drifts in the current


Jay Friedenberg




bats let loose

their angles


Bryan Rickert



winter sands 

a pop of wormholes

takes me out of this world


John Hawkhead



family bible

years of creases 

in grandma's hands


Rich Schilling



the same moon

as when we all

lived here


John Stevenson



stony descent
a store of the snow winds
in my forearms


Kristen Lang



purple wisteria   

a beetle vanishes         

down the ant lion’s pit


Ferris Gilli



ripe wheat

yields to the wind

the farmer's heavy eyes


Robert Witmer



last year's calendar

in her dad's nursing-home room

winter stillness


Chen-ou Liu



January thaw . . . 

stacks of yellowed hay bales

steaming in the meadow


Wally Swist




clogged with leaves –

this grief


Maire Morrissey Cummins



a mouse digging

into a giant rat's hide —

lion's mouth sprouts


Taofeek Ayeyemi



through the corn

just enough road

to hold a truck


Bryan Rickert



harvest wind—the meadow takes flight


Laurie D. Morrissey



breaking apart

the flow of a stream

below the ice


Bruce H. Feingold



this twilight

pulling some weeds

from my father’s chest


Mark Gilbert



shrouded moon 

the scent of parijat 

almost visible 


Meera Rehm




wild dune freesias   

a fling of spray


Jenny Fraser



dead low water

the turn of light inside

a wendletrap


Richard Tindall



on a paper lamp

in a corner of the world

nocturnal butterflies


Alvin Cruz



pecking seed

on the snowy deck

birds on one foot


Seren Fargo



mimosa pudica his little fingers curl around one of mine





no fish...

a kingfisher keeps 

preening itself


K. Ramesh



cow bells

following a trail

into the wind


Joanna Ashwell



marina fog—

faint along the park edge

belladonna lilies


Richard Tice



on the tallest dune,

a discarded shopping trolley

faces the sea


Rhys Owain Williams




mother stops

mosquitoes continue.


Enobong Ernest Enobong



squally showers 

sweeping the saltings 

the peewit’s cry


Clive Bennett



north wind

flooded reeds share a flash

of kingfisher blue


Michael Baeyens



evening news

only the birds

arrive home


Shalini Pattabiraman



crescent moon

a constant wind shapes

the sapling


Lorraine Haig



ghost moon underwater frog songs


Marilyn Fleming



the new leaves –

grandfather's smile

behind the glass


Cinzia Pitingaro



forest path

leads only to itself

catbird cry


our thomas



a .22 bore

among my father’s things —

deep autumn


Kanchan Chatterjee



our place
in the company of mountains
a gentle foothold


Helga Jermy




with daffodils                

spring dawn    


Helen Buckingham



an ant’s shadow
enters mine


Mike White



dew soaked straw

on the threshing floor –

I inhale my childhood


Paul Callus



moving again

how do you pack 

the silence?


Shalini Pattabiraman



baby kicks mom’s ribs

delicately expanding

her soft universe


Pat Hull



the silence after

pattering the pane of glass—

cold December rain


Wally Swist



morning light
whitebait’s tiny eyes
glitter in my dish bowl


Keiko Izawa



spring equinox

two fledgling eagles 

toss a sprig of pine


Bill Cooper



slush on the street—

scraping of a shovel

against sunrise


Lenard D. Moore



Easter egg hunt

resurrects the child

searching for clues


Lorraine Carey



dawn’s glow

black-headed gulls

ripple the floodplain


Thomas Powell



still afternoon

the pheasant clucks softly

to her chicks


Kristen Lindquist



Spring waterlilies

the sounds of geese

where the color ends


Bill Fay



my dying cat                                               

memories of tree climbing

in the curve of her paws


David Watts



night rolls in wreaths of bladderwrack hissing foam


Chris Jupp



sultry evening

my teeth deep into

the persimmon


Maya Daneva



black ice
a widow reaches for
the crook of his arm


Mike White



candle smoke
the slow coo of a dove
in light rain


Jeanne Cook




the purple piping 

of winter twilight 


Laurie Greer



polar vortex

fog pushes through

a revolving door


Debbie Strange



dinner table 

the tip of my finger

still traces your name


Neena Singh



dead leaves

a sudden shift of the hollow


martin gottlieb cohen



seagull's fogbound cry

the hunched outline

of a lone fisherman


Lisa Espenmiller




the cow ends up where it was

this morning


Robert Beveridge



stream cleaning the pebbles cleaning the stream


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



reaching for the horizon
crocus shadows


B.A. France



slung boots

over the powerline

southbound geese


Gideon Young



baby clothes

outgrown —

bud scales


Nola Obee




shadow to light

the snake


Corey D. Cook



my mind made up
the leaf lets go
of the tree


Ben Gaa



night-time echo

following the truck horn

a tawny owl


Ted Sherman



the willow buds
shed dewdrops


David He 



a puddle
under each swing
first bluebird


Marilyn Ashbaugh



with a puff
I'm a kid again


Oscar Luparia



father's sigh

his breath still blowing

with the mountain wind


Meg Arnot



summer sun—

a diamond python curls

about the gum branch


Marilyn Humbert




returning every night

cricket in the vents


Daniel McGee



nursing home 

a swing squeaks

in the quiet afternoon


Vladislav Hristov



summer wind

shivers down the spine

of a field


Sandra St-Laurent



end of autumn

the cow fails to eat 

with my hands


Richa Sharma



watering radishes

growing fatter







chisels the liquid surface

of a stone basin


R. J. Swanson



the spider remakes its web
in the corner I swept


Michael Battisto



the rotten smell 

of a decaying dog —

rose blossoms 


Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina



childhood memories

half of the shell 

in the sand


Carmela Marino



school reopening –

on cobwebbed blackboard

last year's lesson


Milan Rajkumar



spring breeze 

even her napkin 

smells of flowers 


Maria Concetta Conti



morning walk

in her womb the slight 

kick of spring 


Minal Sarosh 



my hospital bed                 

the out of doors

on my father’s coat


David Watts




landing all at once

red flamingos


Mirela Brăilean



autumn breeze
a butterfly settles
atop the sleeping hound


Greg Schwartz



springtime in Salem—
the dogwood rustles
its frilly skirt


Sarah Ockrim



gathering clouds . . .

a woman stitches the tear 

on an umbrella 


Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina




the pandemic gives us

new prayers this year 


Rp Verlaine 



evening blues

a vole’s steady nibbling

at the vine


Anna Cates



she rests her hand

on an old book—

the pain is new


Tom Staudt



first picnic –

my girl and an ant

sharing the same apple


Daniela Sorina Ciurariu



stormy night

I imagine the garden



Roger Watson



a faint mewl

from under the car bonnet...

spring moon


sanjuktaa asopa



barely spring

a coiled garter snake 

flicks its red tongue



Hannah Mahoney


moonlight falls

from the rooftops –

melting snow


Skylar Kay



harmattan deepens . . .

the city's new statue

smothered in dust


Ugwu Erochukwu Shedrach



through the window
first raccoon trills


Jill Lange



winter gust

with her last breath

my childhood gone


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



oak tree

passing every season 

in your shadow


Karen Robbie



near dusk

a tern’s spread wings

dwarf the sun


John J. Han



fall rains –

needing a photo 

to remember her face


Antonietta Losito



after all this time

dock swans


Christina Martin



sickle moon

a lost cat poster

withers in the wind





not saying who

a pile of pellets

beneath the nest


Peter Jastermsky




a breeze drifts through

lines of cabbages


Adrian Bouter 



estate sale
no more memories
in the cedar chest


Suraja Roychowdhury



robins drinking

out of the pitted hands

of St. Francis


Ryland Shengzhi Li



along the sidewalk

umbrellas popping up –

the ink  mushrooms


Laughing waters



we scribble our names
on a dusty car


Uma Anandalwar



Autumn twilight 

a stray balloon 

drifts beyond the trees 


chad henry



treading waves
a fish crow stalks
the shore


Manoj Sharma 



waiting room gloom
umbrella stand
banded with brass


Sheila K. Barksdale



Even water drops

Have enough substance to cast

Shadows in the sun


Geoff Knowlton




what's left of a lost day

distant flute


Jackie Chou



bent over

endless dishes

moonlight at the bottom


Buffy Shutt



even the fly
warms his hands


MB (Michael Boehm)



mulberry flowers –

playing hide and seek

in grandfather's garden


Elisa Allo



on the lough

mist, filling the space 

between countries 


Florence Heyhoe



incoming tide

the fisherman's gradual retreat

to the sunbathers


Dan Treagust



pandemic winter

crocus bulbs multiply



Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



half of her

orange on the deck—



Geoff M. Pope



a coffee cup 

gathering dust...

cloudy afternoon


Adesokan Babatunde Waliyullah



summer gust

the straw and spittle

of an empty nest


Mike Gallagher



April daring swallows on my mind


Mariangela Canzi



hollow bones
of an arctic tern
the empty glass


Joan Chaput



the first and last flowers

to grace the garden . . . 

seeds I did not sow 


Anna Eklund-Cheong



mountain air

on my arms

goosebumps rising


Leanne Jaeger



summer heatwave / police patrol walks past – the sweat in their boots squeaking


Tim Roberts



brittle autumn

the straw broom fans

the asphalt walkway


Jeffrey Winke



unravelling clouds –

greylag geese

out of the blue


Dorothy Burrows



wild onion scent

the worm’s every which way

through the ground


Jonathan Humphrey



childhood photo

a smile I don't do



Tomislav Sjekloća



a starlit breeze 
brushing the slopes
from the dunes


Carol Raisfeld



chrysalis – 

she pushes her bath-robe

off her shoulders


Dan Salontai 



calm river –

the flight of tiny bugs

against the light


Jorge Alberto Giallorenzi



spring forest

a moonbeam

finds the nest


Kevin Valentine



between dreams the rippling blue expanse


Carl Walsh



winter solitude

watching over frozen fields

just the solstice moon 


Ajay Jyoti




starting to melt

my years


Samo Kreutz



child memorial…

origami cranes dance

to create one wish


Rob McKinnon



a robin
sings from the blackthorn
—we queue for the shop


Simon Wilson



fresh sand-eels
hang from mother’s beak
nesting puffin feast


Doug Lanzo



spring window

a red finch flirts with

his own reflection


Dottie Piet



Plovent al pujol,

roques aspres rentades,

salts d’aigua torba.


Raining on the hill,

washed rough rocks,

peaty waterfalls.


Xavier Panades



rising dawn –
pink mist of blossoms
in no one's garden


Natalia Kuznetsova



my fingers 

on his curly hair 

blue hyacinth 


Daniela Misso




fallen magnolia petals

rolling over


Zoran Doderovic



sunny spells

I tiptoe between

daffodil shoots


David Gale




the slow lane

the wild flowers


Keith Evetts



squirrel stands
amongst crocus sprouts
shutter snaps


Roger Moffitt



turning earth this heady smell of soil as we spin


Karen Harvey



the mangos

the moon

both unripe


Gordon Brown



greater blue heron
drained of color

October river


James Krotzman



baby’s first word


in sleep


Sherry Grant



spring shower—

piercing through it

the crocus!


Evan Vandermeer



end of holidays

at the bottom of his pockets

a small piece of dune


Françoise Maurice



red kite billowing across the park her yellow cotton dress


Mark Miller



deeper than the 

hoot of snowy owls

winter solitude...


Joe Sebastian



netted firmament

he thumbs the pages

I'm being read to


Nicole Burgund



distant airplane

sleeping cat

follows with her ears


Allison Douglas-Tourner



my bike
stands still on one leg
stormy night


Ashoka Weerakkody



the last bus

rattles past



Erica Ison



open window

the glare of the rainbow

after rain


Eufemia Griffo



Icy dawn.

The song of a lark

melts the hoarfrost


Ornella Vallino


gone the way

of forget-me-nots

my first love


Mary McCormack



the dog is silent

but its bark still echoes 

from the cedar valley


Luke Levi



citrus scent…

waiting for the bus

in the spring mist 


Ezio Infantino



first butterfly –

the baby´s wobbly steps

towards the hug


Julia Guzmán



paper crosses

dot each broken window

haunted farmhouse


Ashlee Ollmann



spring countryside

upside down

a trampoline

in a field


Brendan Duffin




in the mirror



Paul Goggins



morning dew

a petal’s glowing drop

lures a hummingbird


Richard Matta




a red-tailed hawk

alights on the lamppost


Adele Evershed



early spring sunshine

the neighbour's baby

singing her word-sounds


Andrew Hubball


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