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a breath of frost 

on the grass plumes . . .

sleeping buffalo 


Chad Lee Robinson



winter fog

one of us will

always wonder


Laurie D. Morrissey



a scrape of earth

to fill the bait box –

morning mist


Richard Tindall



harsh winter sunlight . . .

the empty bluebird boxes

along the windbreak


Wally Swist



pines on fire 

antlers rise and fall

in white water


Tom Bierovic



whisper of fog

a lay down night’s

chilly grass


Erin Castaldi



our walk thru the rain

other ways for the water

to go


Gary Hotham



just into spring—

a pinch of turmeric

colours the milk


Rashmi VeSa



monsoon evening
how quietly it rains
in the mountains


Srinivas S



a blue butterfly
flutters in and out
this chemo fog


Chen-ou Liu



a drop of sea

at the end of a gull’s beak

winter twilight


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



shorter days

the gravedigger

makes a right angle


Jonathan Humphrey



the arc

of a high fly ball 

summer romance 


Chad Lee Robinson



orange sun

a dead crab's

cracked carapace


Jay Friedenberg



small talk 

a cabbage white flutters 

around the sunroom 


John McManus



first dandelion

a row of sneakers

at the creek’s edge


Terri L. French



catching my breath

before the wind takes it

alpine pass


Bryan Rickert



a monarch ferries
this world to me


Shloka Shankar



the last cord of wood

rising as smoke

sap moon


Kristen Lindquist



little by little
i become


Ben Gaa



in line

to say my name

clouds floating by the windows


Gary Hotham



moonlit meadow

the rhythm

we make


Jeff Hoagland



light rain

the beetle stumbles across

a bamboo node


Bill Cooper



no funeral but her blue iris
you press in a book


William Keckler




the forest

changes key


Mike Moule



this path of fresh snow

leads us all the way inside –

the full pickle bowl 


Roger Gilroy



sound of bells

on a windless night

cherry blossom buds


Erin Castaldi



rusting roof

the moon

trickles through


Roger Watson



billowing cumulus

the steady chug chug chug

of the harbor ferry


Jay Friedenberg



beneath shadowy pines—

caterpillars paired atop

the rock sculpture


Wally Swist



cold dawn 

a bison laboring to lift

its bulk


Chad Lee Robinson



lame coyote quietly between houses


Carl Mayfield



full tide froth    

just like that 

you are gone 


Jenny Fraser



evening rain


the roof's shape


Michael Baeyens



shuttered plant

dandelions unload

at shipping & receiving


LeRoy Gorman



early morning

sun caught in the scent

of amber tea


Elodie Barnes



sheltered in

a homeless man curls deeper

into the doorway


Bruce H. Feingold



winter stars
the carcass of a salmon
drifts ashore


Elmedin Kadric



over the egg

that never opens

fresh grass


Bill Cooper



summer wind...
a discarded flute makes
its own music


Srinivas S





enlarged by the fishbowl 


Ross Neher




a snake boat

cuts through hyacinths


R.Suresh Babu



a flicker's call . . . 

a dappling of sunlight turning 

the woods deeper green


Wally Swist



finding my way

in the dark



Jeff Hoagland



after the fire

twisted stanchions

where the cows stood


Edward J. Rielly



hospital window –

this one little sparrow

with white in it's tail


Joanne van Helvoort



between the ruts

of a bog’s lost tracks

selfheal flowers


Thomas Powell




being chased

pipers and waves


Bryan Rickert  



drizzly day

arthritis settles

in another joint


Terri L. French



first day of summer




Olivier Schopfer



lenticular clouds –

the dog's plate

rolled by the wind


Oana Aurora Boazu



the scratch

of my grandpa’s cardigan

autumn equinox


Joshua Gage



sound of adhan

over the city limit

a yellow butterfly


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



late night smelt run

every skillet



Debbie Scheving



kickball lost in scrub
the air inside by now
a different planet


William Keckler



heat haze—

no understanding

after three readings


Adelaide B. Shaw



autumn rivers
salmon leaping
against time


Jessica Renee Dawson



everything we meant

to say


Kristen Lindquist



spring light —
the larkspur grows wild
through our fence


Goran Gatalica



dawn above the lake

a great blue heron swings

into the morning


Pitt Büerken



morning walk . . .
the crumbs of kapok leaf
on my shoulder


Taofeek Ayeyemi



decaying log

a caterpillar lengthens

and halves


Gavin Austin



tying on a memory

from dad's tackle box…

summer clouds


Kevin Valentine



a late snowfall

on the roadside banks

bleached linens


Nola Obee



wild thyme –
the dog’s eyes
full of moon


Isabel Caves



the day we admit

we failed –

spring rain


Tomislav Sjekloća



dawn chorus

the night watchman

opens one eye


Jonathan Humphrey



preening moonlight
from dusk
dappled cygnets


Marilyn Ashbaugh



summer days...

shaking the ants

off a peony


Brad Bennett



damp breeze

the lamplight steadies

with a prayer


Richa Sharma



temple visit 

ants on the wall

returning with prasad 


Muskaan Ahuja




easing into



Joanna Ashwell



showering together – 

struggling to hold

my belly in


Dan Salontai



breakwater –

keeping infinity

from the port


Michael Galko



old age

mosquito flies by



David Käwika Eyre



blizzard outside

rereading the terms

of divorce


John J. Han




a cricket’s chirp

from the fireplace 


Joshua Gage



book of Tao

my daughter’s notes

added to mine


Owen Bullock



first sun –
the t-shirt resting
on the broom flowers


Ezio Infantino



a ball of snow
then hops away


Marshall Bood



faded moon...
hoofbeats lost
in a cold wind


David He 




rain brings a river

to my door





cooker whistle . . .

a river snakes through

the hot noon


Nisha Raviprasad



marriage-bound soaking up birdsong from the fields


Réka Nyitrai



a spider

slips in and out of

our lives


Roberta Beach Jacobson




anniversary . . . 

the mourning dove calls and calls


Shayne Bell



abandoned orchard

a currawong calls

to the flock


Marilyn Humbert



home at last

stinging nettles

among the parsley


Lorraine Haig



packing away

the baby blankets

late frost


Tia Haynes



dawn chorus

our rotary line

lowers the tone


Helen Buckingham



blossoming in dew

ten thousand silk webs

along a fence


Mark Blaeuer



blooming wisteria

a cloud's shadow

comes and goes


Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo



the scent
of the way we were –


Angiola Inglese



afterward . . .
noticing the crumbs
in the bed





the way

she looses her hair

night windstorm


Radostina Dragostinova



distant bells

a red kite rises

into sunlight


Clive Bennett



my bed yellow


Jibril Dauda Muhammad



the mallard’s feet

busy below the surface

redbuds in bloom


Laurie Greer



fishing boats

marooned on cold sand

                                               low tide


Josephine LoRe



all night a trickle

from a pipe filling the pool

sky full of stars


Pamela Muller



winter thaw

my dog and I

spring off-leash


S.M. Kozubek



her grey hair

only a memory



Jackie Chou



dad’s birthday:

the garden gate creaks

in the wind


Wendy Notarnicola




shadows waiting for me

by the river


Karen Robbie



decrepit furniture on my mother's veranda swallow's nest 


Margherita Petriccione



a mallard
the blue-green water
folding into itself


Mike Gallagher



Acorns falling

from the child’s tiny hands

create an earthquake for the ants


Anthony DeGregorio




hunters hunkered down

in a duck blind


Keith Polette



a dead tree


to the shape of the wind


Leanne Jaeger



sleepless night
the muffled sound

of a distant ambulance


Eufemia Griffo



puddle sludge dyes

her white dupatta

the glowing dawn


Gurpreet Dutt



The meadow

Sepiaed in the old photograph

And this October chill


Christopher Pieterszoon Routheut



April sky

too many stars

to feel alone


Adrian Bouter



numb digits
a wedge of sunlight
on the pitch


Gary Hittmeyer



on a frozen creek

checking for thin ice

a coyote


Mary Vlooswyk




open window

I moon the moon


Donald Gaither



empty tomb




Elaine Wilburt



lakeside cottage

pine boards weathered

with old memories


Meghan Elizabeth Jones



Raven on a utility pole

the minute before diagnosis


Padmini Krishnan



winding road –

a singing cicada coming

to rest on my toe


Antonietta Losito




scanning the shoreline

for skipping stones


Jodie Hawthorne



the smell of rain
on dry earth


Maureen Sudlow



at the airport

two friends

elbow punch 


Su Wai Hlaing



ferry crossing

the splash of an orca

we didn't see


Debbie Strange



by the waters edge

a crab emerges

from a curlews cry


Steve Wilkinson 



scented tea –

a yellow butterfly 

on my saucer 


Daniela Misso



fence sagging
with overgrown ivy
the weight of a world


Deborah P Kolodji



planting flowers…
a dream for next summer 
I put in the pot


Oscar Luparia



a flock of geese
pulls the evening sky
behind them


Wendy Notarnicola



longest day in spring

your mother & i sitting

with the news of your suicide


Othuke Umukoro



spring daybreak 

a blind man staring

into space


Natalia Kuznetsova



vanishing point
where the road disappears
the hospice


Maxianne Berger



storm driven rain
my sheltered face
touched by mist


Jeanne Cook



deceased –

her reflection

in a stranger's face


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



moths gather
in evening chill
a lone hawk circles


Eileen F. Connolly


half moon –
grandma’s smile
rests on her gum

Pravat Kumar Padhy



peach blossoms

become tender leaves

without me


Lucia Cardillo



grey january 

the sleek teal tail

of a magpie


Máire Morrissey Cummins




our last



Tiffany Shaw-Diaz



the road of dreams
takes me home


Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

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