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autumn lingers...

seeds only the nuthatch

can reach


harsh winds — 

hydrangea heads roll

to the curb


fall equinox

pear quarters

in a blue bowl


Brad Bennett



moonless deep in the oak  owl’s call


Martin Cohen



winter dusk

the shadows thrown 

by a whale vertebrae

Bruce H. Feingold



February morning—

sweeping into the sun glare

the red-tailed hawk’s glide


juncos inching up

the kousa dogwood’s branches—

finely falling snow


rising up

the ribbed vault of the church . . .

susurrations of steam heat


Wally Swist



small ferns


in the fountain's shadow


leaf-cutter bee

     leaving the crescent



Carl Mayfield



cupped hands

our owl sounds

in the woods


Martha Magenta



starlight –

curve of a trout

under the moon


morning fog –

forty feet long

father's silence


Goran Gatalica



country road
our headlights pause upon rows
of opossum teeth


first spring day
the pinch of last year’s
crab grass


Ben Moeller-Gaa



screeching cockatoos –

in the creek’s pebbled light

my face trembles


John Low



shadow geese
fall on the river’s
leaving tide


Erin Castaldi



overflowing dam                  

a swimming duck

patterns the waterweed



I follow my shadow



Nathalie Buckland



night hunting
rabbits gather
around the torch


David He Zhuanglang



the marks
in the crook of her arm...
needles of rain

ten years of exile
I step on the shadows
of southbound geese


Chen-ou Liu



recently fledged

a puff of feathers

in the radiator grille


David Urwin



billowing clouds 

the thousand shapes 

of the wind


spring's first dawn 

the call of wild geese 

along the river 


Eufemia Griffo



across the creek                                   

a fallen oak bridge—

fiddleheads unfurling


the sound of rain in the dark praying 


Elaine Wilburt



composing haiga –
painting sunlight
with black ink


Pravat Kumar Padhy



allan o’r heulwen

ac i mewn i’r tywyllwch

nyth y morgrugyn 


out of the sunshine

and into the dark

the ant's nest


Thomas Powell



dew drops how softly night passes


Srinivas S



rope swing                            

left over right            

I braid her hair


Marilyn Fleming



live fish stall

the salmon i look at

looks at me


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



red skies...

from wind-tossed trees

stormcock sing


Clive Bennett



Empty hangers in the closet

two boxes by the door—

my mother’s dry eyes.


Michael Minassian



winter sun

her shadow follows her

onto the train


Robert Witmer



Indian summer
a hawk racing
the nimbus skyward


Warren Gossett



summer evening...

a hare all alone

on the village road


noting our presence...

the gaze of a black buck

far away


night breeze...

full moon sheen on

the coconut fronds


K. Ramesh



muddy boot print

on a wooden fence

cold twilight


Anna Cates



plucking the hours slowly
all day long


Oscar Luparia



blazing sun –

the one-eyed dog's

uncertain gaze


Richa Sharma



Moon wheel...

day approaching

with blue hues


Ashley Jones



gentle sun –
a mamba sneaks out
for warmth


Ayeyemi Taofeek



looking up

from my work desk –

the Buddha’s placid face


Suria Tei



small life –

on acres of light

the wind's harrow


Adrian Bouter



old lungs spit on their hands


Mark Gilbert



spring breeze

grasshopper jump

in the wildflowers


Nikolay Grankin



damp windowsill

dead lilies

splayed over fan blades


John Hanson



fog settling on the town hall steps a homeless man


Mark Miller



forest trail –                                               
summer waning
of the waterfall


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



lights out

in the shelter –

a whimper


Brett Dixon



slowing for yellow first daffodils


Laurie Greer



distant thunders...

a plastic bag

becomes wind


Lucia Cardillo



late night jazz —
my kitten


Marshall Bood 



no more goodbye

the mountains

becoming clouds


Guliz Mutlu



giving up on you—

stained tablecloths

in the washtub


Réka Nyitrai



dense fog—

only thoughts

shape the morning


Gracy Judith D'Souza



your farewell footmarks

the scent on the sunflowers

after the rain


Radostina Dragostinova



Among the thistles;

the random tiger lilies –

so tall, so orange.


Gerry Fabian

spring rain

a tinge of green

in the skirting


Helen Buckingham



family prayer...

a cricket fills

the room


the harmony

of mother's lullaby...

monsoon rains


Billy Antonio



mistletoe the spice of chapped lips


John Hawkhead



Mother’s visit
lace curtains
for every window


Alexis Rotella



my shadow disperses



all night wind...

the intermittent thud

of falling mangoes


country road  

the long ride through the scent 

of cattle gone ahead


Adjei Agyei-Baah




sunshine sticky

on my fingers


John Zheng



a bible
lies open...
winter stars

first frost
my son points 
to his breath

falling snow
the weight
of my duvet


Stephen Toft



summer eve

soft footfalls of a returning



Barbara Tate



blazing sun
the lingering aroma
of a livestock lorry

soaring cumulus
the rhyming clacks
of jackdaws


John Rowlands



knots of amber

glow through the warm pine door

thoughts of you


Scott Wiggerman




a different gaze

in father's eyes


to my home village 
spring breeze


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



snowed in...
this long-distance marriage
and a rented room

birthday morning
alone with the sounds
of traffic


Chen-ou Liu



windless night

yesterday's storms

wash ashore


Joanne van Helvoort



small pond –

afternoon thoughts

settling deeper


Anthony Q. Rabang



this endless road…

everywhere but nowhere

the prairie


Jay Friedenberg



stiff wind –
the squirrel backs off
a high limb


mom’s old house –  
her path to the mailbox
long overgrown


climbing geese
leave behind bits
of the pond


Warren Gossett



cuckoo's cry...
willow branches drip
in fine mist

the old bull
glares at itself
in a brook


David He



my dog howls
as if he knows

shelling peas
mountain rain


Louisa Howerow



lambing season 
the old sheepdog limps
back to his bed


John McManus



lingering drought...

the weight of one more day

in my father's field


hyacinths in bloom –

a donation box

still warm


Goran Gatalica




in the cave bat’s mouth

the fig's sweetness


Anna Cates



cloudless day
the takeoff
of a cosmos seed


Elmedin Kadric



evening glow –
sharpening the
shape of the mountain


Alexander Wharton



cherry blossoms fall

a hospice window

closes and opens


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



buttock marks

on the wall

light snow


Roger Watson



below the crust

of a frozen stream

waters sound


darkening clouds

the silver lining



Anna Maris



knitting on a beach
one blue wave laps
over another 


Lucy Whitehead



the bruise fades

the bike goes around

the block again


Lisa Stice



a crow feeds

tiny wings

while the bough floats


Maria Chiara Miduri



a cornucopia

of extinct species

at the fish market


Emily Jo Scalzo



U-shaped valley

mist collects

all the scents


Mark Gilbert



bitter wind

on a bus station bench



William Scott Galasso



easter morning –

around my daughter's neck 

my mother's pearl


Antonietta Losito



blackout —
acrid smoke curls
around the moon


Hifsa Ashraf



Mother's day
nanny's blanket
puts the baby to sleep


Padmini K




Shadows of rain-heavy clouds

Bruising fields of rape


Alisdair Hodgson

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