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Early Spring

snow melt

I enter a year

of seconds






the tight rhythms

of an old song


Robert Witmer

late winter -

not much

springs to mind


Bonnie Scherer

living with barnacles

the slow boat

on its way


Jeff Ferrara



march sunrise

rosehips glisten

in the last frost


Bill Fay


foggy morning -

the wingbeat of wrens

along the stream


Maire Morrissey Cummins

bouncing off snow
chickadee song



Susan Bonk Plumridge



spring lake

a beaver's tail

strikes the sun


Marilyn Ashbaugh


ebbing winter tide

a littleneck sways itself

back into wet sand


Hannah Mahoney



winter sunlight

frail mehendi*

on her palm


Devoshruti Mandal



ice floe dawn

ghosts of translucent blue

drift through her song

John Hawkhead

March ice


just below


Marylyn Burridge




a lotus rises

above the mud


Neena Singh


sunrise on fresh snow mourning doves' pink toes

Carly Siegel Thorp




over stones




spring snow

the pears ripen

in the bowl


Carrie Etter



downstream rock pool

a dabble of mallards

dive in


Laurie Greer


spring thaw

briefly walking together

the stray and I


John Pappas



other than I am

frozen branch


Richa Sharma




over marsh grass



John Pappas


melting snow 

the angel I made

holds a crocus 


Millicent Bee


alone under trees

a magpie 

shares my solitude


Tom Staudt



street children

around the burning tyre ----

winter wind


Manoj Sharma



frozen ruts

fill with spring rain

he softens his tone

Paula Sears



your smile

through the coffee steam

first daffodils

Daniel Birnbaum

March snow                  

gull shadows sweep      

the pristine field    


Claire Ninham


flashes of blue-green 

a kingfisher dives

into melting creek 


Meera Rehm


rain-washed air

the empty clothesline

dripping clouds


Lesley Anne Swanson



sudden death

of a rosebud

late frost


Kimberly Kuchar



bruised apple  -

the first weeks

of heartbreak

Maire Morrissey Cummins


still forest the deer’s heart skips a beat


Ganesh R


gentle rain

the softness of a

singing child


Eavonka Ettinger 


spring gust 

peach blossoms blown 

into the sheepfold 


Eric Sundquist


abandoned tracks

wild fennel

finding its way


Helen Ogden



green-eyed garden spider stares off someplace else 

Jeff Ingram



spring gale -

tangled in the eaves

silent wind chimes


Fionnuala Waldron

muddy paddy field-

water fills

the tractor trail


Ram Chandran



outdoor meditation

the song of a frog mixes

with my mantra


Oscar Luparia


the last white birthroot fading with hospice


Evan Coram


drifting through

bright osier stems

spring snow squall


Sarah Strong

red barn      

adrift in a puddle of sky—

lake in thaw


Sarah Strong



snowy creekside

the blues in a sunken

beer can


Glenn Coats


hyacinth fragrance
floods the hospital room

Sangita Kalarickal Krivosik



Spring blizzard

father retells

my birth story


Jenn Ryan-Jauregui


just the hush

of sky


Joanna Ashwell



hard rime

the spiky ice of

our last words


Eavonka Ettinger 


a chill in the air

the kingfisher

splits the channel


Brad Bennett



a warm coin

to a cold hand

passing clouds


Robert Witmer


a cherry petal

wedged between grass blades



Bill Cooper

rewilding our garden sparrowhawk


Clive Bennett


how the rain 

moves as circles

arctic tern


Alan Summers


recalling things

my brother loved—

violets in deep grass    


Sarah Strong




  caught in a crowd            

the silent path 

     between stars


Jenny Fraser


the questions 

of Tawny owls 

Polaris fading




black hole

the suck and tug

of indecision


Marilyn Humbert

in praise

of darkness –



Alvin Cruz


that voiceless feeling wandering stars


Jennifer Hambrick


Mid Spring 



morning mist

the softness of

pussy willow


Farah Ali


reaching through
the cloud-covered dawn
siskin’s song

Reid Hepworth



dawn . . .

raven shakes the night

from his feathers



Jim Force



spring rain

a thrush's song

to worms


Keith Evetts


early morning solace

the tea kettle song

of a wren


Adele Evershed


the field covered

with sky


David Watts



unfinished             periodical

conversation                cicada



just before language a hermit crab shell

Aidan Castle


in the eyes

of the strung-up fish

island sunrise


Bryan Rickert



circles on a pond

water striders connecting

their disparate worlds


Mariya Gusev


the geometry

of hunger





choosing a different road the bleat of lambs


Adrian bouter


what earth remembers  

from this rainstorm...

magnolia petals


Maya Daneva



spring roundup

light drips off the rim

of a wrangler's hat



Debbie Strange


first morning

in a different country

valley haze


Ruth Holzer


park pond

the mallards’ flight

skimming sunbeams


Joanna Ashwell



balcony bee

only one of us enjoys

the morning breeze


Richa Sharma


water logic

every river

finds its way


David Watts



a child’s patience…

butterfly cocoon

on the fence


Earl Livings



spring again

the neighbor’s tractor 

finally starts


Bryan Rickert


a cardinal's whistles reddening viburnum berries


Kristen Lindquist


my grandson’s laughter







Brian Kates



spring sunlight

slips into spaces



Eve Castle



thawing in a mountain lake pine shadows


Barrie Levine


hydrangea blooms a breath of blue sky


Barrie Levine


Easter Sunday

wildflowers sprouting through

a possum's ribcage


Danny Daw


dark clouds

the route of light

of a butterfly


Oscar Luparia



river in flood flowing through the heron


Nick Taylor



coastal walk

the tumult of the sea

in my son’s eyes


Adele Evershed


deepening snow

all those crevices

on her floured hands


Antoinette Cheung



the fading echo

of horses' hooves

spring rain


Mariel Herbert

plough lines 

willow leaves slowly 

fill the rows


Ben Oliver


daffodils' foliage  

becoming part of the tall grass...

spring deepens


Maya Daneva


across the river 

the scent of rainfall 

on wild bluebells 


Lori Kiefer



snowy day

flakes softly falling

from the paring knife


Mike Fainzilber




tattered butterfly wings

spring blossoms

C.X Turner


riverside walk

the comfort 

of round pebbles 


Mona Bedi









Denise Fontaine

all the soft sounds              

of the sea



Jenny Fraser



gusts of wind
we stand in a blizzard
of cherry blossoms

Ernest Wit



may drizzle

the celadon glaze

of spring


John Pappas

earth day all these tree-hugging squirrels


Debbie Strange


the sun always rises

even through the grey

mountain snail


Mike Fainzilber

cloud reflections

the stab

of an egret's beak


Jay Friedenberg


moss-deep in shade purple trillium


Kathryn Liebowitz


gentle breeze

mum's lullaby
in lilacs


Sébastien REVON



the stubble field

evening light


Helen Ogden


sweetening the lulls

in our conversation

evening rain


John Pappas



falling night

the sound of water



Vandana Parashar


spring moon

the constant stare

of a one eyed dog


Mona Bedi



whilst I sleep

scaling the wall

night jasmine


C.X Turner


full moon

my travel companion's

weather-beaten face


Eugeniusz Zacharski




Late Spring 




spring dawn

the sun emerging

from a rose


Lori Kiefer


first light ...

between the seen and unseen

the song of a thrush


Chen-ou Liu



cardinal call

the red pin point

of sunrise


Holli Rainwater



dream leopards

slinking away

first light


Kathryn Liebowitz


cirrus cloudsー

I’m immersed 

 in saijiki


Keiko Izawa


morning light

I part my curtains

to let in birdsong


Baisali Chatterjee Dutt


reflection pool

a lily petal floats

into my shadow


Richard L. Matta



morning stillness

a bee spills rain                                      

from the lilac


Gavin Austin



i smile on the inside anemones


Aidan Castle



the breeze becoming the wind chimes 


Chris Peys



cold rain

the hidden murmurs

of a mourning dove


Kim Klugh



Tibetan monks 

the yellow life 
of butterflies 


Chad Henry


traveling abroad driftwood


Roberta Beach Jacobson


Mum's song...

the way a breeze

ruffles the lake


David He Zhuanglang


plum blossoms 

drifting into the hands 

of the wooden saint 


Chad Henry


held in the boughs

of a gnarled oak

bluebird song


Carly Siegel Thorp

out of the blue

a gull dives

into the blue


Ravi Kiran


village well 

she brings home 

the taste of monsoon 


Meera Rehm


uncosted birdsong —

the yellow trail

through commercial pine


Alan Peat


sudden breeze -   

the wild silence

of butterflies


John Low


the mood

of another April...

mango breeze






a pelican’s beak

nibs a descender


Richard L. Matta


spring jazz…

woodpeckers riffing

on sunny trunks


Dorothy Burrows


a lifetime spent 

within a landscape

the quiet stream


Thomas Powell


such happy childhoods daffodil breeze


Peter Newton


the philanthropy of flowers noblesse oblige

Sharon Martina


Mojave noon

the only shade

is the hawk’s shadow

Gordon Brown



British Summer Time…

everywhere, blossoming



Dorothy Burrows

all afternoon

tree shadows scaling 

the fence 


Sharon Martina




all the life 

 i do not 



P.H Fischer



a girl i knew who grew

beyond me


Alan Peat



without tears

desert sky


Tina Mowrey



long night ahead -

a pond heron eases 

into the grass


amoolya kamalnath

we can still be friends…

edge of the stubble field

next to a wood


Alan Peat




bats dart between

our exclamations 


Petro C.K


a whitebell

in Bluebell Wood

daylight moon


Alison Breewood


cloudless sunset - 

the wine cork

blushed on one end

Dan Salontai



setting sun

squeezing an orange

into the sangria


Stephenie Story



late blossom...

would he approve

of my choice?


Polona Oblak



long drought...

a vulture scrapes past

the day moon


Brad Bennett


spring evening

the setting sun lights up

an old billboard


Milan Rajkumar




over the Laguna

the frogs change pitch

Sarah Paris


evening. . .

    a cabbage white

folds its wings


Susan Yavaniski


evening star

a sleepy horse

in a small barn


Robert Witmer




stencilled black against 

the rising pink moon


Marilyn Humbert



sentient night

a frog pond reaches

into the car


Shawn Blair



pickled stardust moonlight finds the beet jar 


Jeff Ingram



origami . . .

a lotus folding

in moonlight


Paula Sears



on the lake

taking a dip

into full moon


Christopher Calvin


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