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Autumn 2022


Becoming Autumn 

our voices rising scent of the sea


Aidan Castle

empty chair

the shape of the mountain

before us

Alan Peat


hot sun

the rain up

out of the grass

Shawn Blair


reaching the pedals


Denise Fontaine

sunlit dewdrops 

on the grassy field 

child’s first poem  

Hifsa Ashraf

lucid dreaming

the flight path

of a cabbage white

Kristen Lindquist

swimming between jetties Cape morning

Deborah Burke Henderson

she longs to journey

across the sky

balloon flower…

Adele Evershed

monkey flowers . . .

the children playing

dress up

Stephanie Story

a sudden pop

of memory


John Hawkhead

an inch 

above the ocean 

a butterfly

Ann Smith

white clover

the art of

lying in fields

Kevin Browne


sun shares

its aura

Roberta Beach Jacobson


tribal village –

hearing my neighbour sing

in her treehouse 

Daipayan Nair

summer break -

swans crossing over

the skytorn lake

Maire Morrissey Cummins

swapping words for smiles wildflowers 

Jenny Fraser



    distant                                    echoes

            of  sea                        gulls

                    and             ravens





Sandra St-Laurent

in the children’s ward
sunlight through the shades
a thousand origami cranes

S. Michael Kozubek

humpback tail splash

a child on the boat

waves back

Deborah P Kolodji

kayak river tour

the kingfisher

everyone else saw

Lee Hudspeth

shallow bay

nurse sharks asleep

in the sea grass


Shawn Blair

overripe oranges 

the most of 

this grief 

Hifsa Ashraf

between dolphins cresting heartbeats 

Eric Sundquist

a heron’s flight

in my

self-propelled wheelchair

Goran Lowie

blue sky,

billowing thunderheads

   my climate change

Ken Mory

coastline view
in the sage

Deborah P Kolodji

summer lingers one peony 

Deborah A. Bennett

U turns…
the way sheep will follow
their leader


Dorothy Burrows

last night's

shared bottle of sake

empty sky


Alvin Cruz

earthquake I grab for sky

Roberta Beach Jacobson

drooping sunflowers
looking at problems
from a new angle

Adelaide Shaw

the fox

frightens the chickens

fake news

Jim Force

secret ‘love you’ notes

from one tree to another

bird song

Carolyn Field

window amaryllis –                                                      

the sky enters my room

through a hole in the petal


Silva Trstenjak


the least we know 

about a river 

Hifsa Ashraf


by a single bee

the last rose

Rohan Buettel 


outdoor cafe

a vortex of receipts

Ross Neher

endless sky

our picnic smoke

captures a lark's song

David He Zhuanglang

sea glass

what will

remain of us

Stefanie Bucifal

scorched earth 

a child cups the rain 

in her palms 

Meera Rehm

late summer lake

a raft of loons

rides the sunset 

Kristen Lindquist

a cloud of geese erasing summer

Marilyn Ashbaugh

the slow turn

of an ice cream churn

swallows at sunset

Brad Bennett


my late grandpa’s face

in the crowd

Aidan Castle

cicada husks

the final sweep

of summer

Kim Klugh


orange sunset 

following a different path



Petro C.K

Welsh malt whisky

how suddenly the sun

melts in the sea

Keith Evetts

equinox sunset

long shadows

of little stones

Emma Alexander Arthur

scattered asters                        

the remnants               

of a summer sky


Claire Ninham

rising as one from bank 

to bough—

an impulse of sparrows

Laurie Greer


an old man

prunes the roses

Ryland Shengzhi Li

september moon:
all I have
is what I miss

Oscar Luparia

alfresco dinner talking late into the light of fireflies

Marcie Wessells

at the docks

cranes play ball

with the moon

Adrian Bouter

slow shadows

a family of deer

graze twilight

Erin Castaldi

midnight moon

it’s face full

of sunlight

Dan Salontai

crescent moon guarding a star mother and pram

Pepe Madera


Being Autumn 

dawn breaks my resolve

Christopher See

expanding universe... a dandelion bursts into seed 

Jay Friedenberg

puddles in the park 

dawn stars fill the space 

left by dusk

Arvinder Kaur


climbing from mist                                   

the sandstone gorge

Gavin Austin

scent of jasmine

this sunlight

in my future

Agus Maulana Sunjaya


for a connection...


Carly Thorpe

sea-born sunrise

skimming the lake

a grey heron

Emma Alexander Arthur

stripped of all

I once thought essential…

Euphorbia plants

Pepe Madera

in a line

of gnarled willows

one sapling

Michael Baeyens



on the fence

in daylight a nighthawk



Dorothy Burrows

lake’s mist 

unfolding my story 

the rorschach test 

Hifsa Ashraf

florist shop—

the indecision 

of the butterfly


Alaka Yeravadekar

day moon

the long night

not long enough

Alvin Cruz


to be unhappy



Laurie Morrissey

gust of wind . . .

landing in a hollow stump

an acorn

Anthony Lusardi

oleander blooms

like every dream of you

I can’t touch

C.X Turner

wings for a day my hands turn to mayflies

Pippa Phillips

one lily

to another

rumors of wind

Brad Bennett

alone  playing arpeggios into birdsong


Christine Eales

circle of agave the green hummingbird’s voice

Michael Battisto

traveling. . .

on her own waves

an inchworm

Marilyn Ashbaugh

timing her entrance

for the fall—

brimstone moth

Adele Evershed

yellow butterfly without so much as a by your leave

Patrick Sweeney

fall chill …
still the spring
in my step


 S. Michael Kozubek

atlas moth homily day moon

Anna Cates

Straw field

shadow of a starling

in the hawk's gaze

Marilyn Ashbaugh


in winding gorges

brain fog

Tom Staudt

this guilt the wingspan of gannets


Aidan Castle

Yoshino fog 

the cherry farmer’s wife 

sweeping blossoms 

Chad Henry

bend in the river—

I come across

a new flower

Alaka Yeravadekar


the on-and-off

of a seagull’s wings

Joshua St. Clare

waking alone

the lark

fills in the blanks


Adele Evershed

picture window...

refocusing the crow

becomes a moth


Quendryth Young

beached whale

the extent 

of my shame

John Pappas

this struggle

to collect myself

wind blown leaves

Bryan Rickert


his mate

a lone blue feather

Laurie Greer


heather bruises                                                 

the moor 

Claire Ninham

their path

from glen to glen

moonlit deer

Bryan Rickert

cauliflower leaves     

my inner child

opens up

Jennifer Hambrick

rain stops play 

the shifting pitch

of a crow 

Alan Peat

heat lightning

the stillness

of trees

Ben Gaa

the slow cooking of stew quiet rain

Mariangela Canzi



slight breeze

all that I am

for today


Jamie Wimberly


extended road trip

our neighbor’s bike

becomes a trellis


Christine Wenk-Harrison

deep autumn 

the parts of me

still green


Bryan Rickert

woodsmoke curling up with a good book

Kim Klugh

abalone shells

nestle together      

neither whole 

Jenny Fraser


the desire to stay lost fireflies

Alaka Yeravadekar

autumn rain...

a drop sways 

the banana leaf


Neena Singh


the unwanted parts 

of me

Lorelyn Arevalo

a dead bird

suddenly holding

my hand

Alan Peat

community garden 

in the rain… 

one man turning soil

Kerry J Heckman

shady woodlands

a yellow lady slipper

bobs with rain

Deborah Burke Henderson

dawn light on bat wings my indecision

Aidan Castle

sundown -

searching for meanings

old cranes


Amoolya Kamalnath


autumn light

I follow a firetail

into the ruins

Clive Bennett


briefly the frog's 



P.H Fischer


autumn haze

father begs me

to take him home

Mircea Moldovan

faded coop

the broken hinge’s 


Erin Castaldi


crickets chirping
a dark pond ripples
full of stars

Daniel Daw

two puddles

the half-moon

spoons itself

Cody Huddleston

nightfall --

among the rubble

a blackbird song

Mariangela Canzi


under the fisherman's hook

the hunter's moon

Irena Szewczyk


a sea of stars


on each drop of rain

Andrew Markowski

buck moon…

beginning a new phase

antlers regrow

Rob McKinnon

the sound 

of his breath gasping

midnight rain

Alvin Cruz

moth wings 

opening and closing

the night

John Hawkhead


Leaving Autumn



lone cloud birthing the day moon


Ravi Kiran

leafless shadow the line between then and now dissolves into snow


Pippa Phillips

shimmering pink

an earthworm


Barrie Levine

early snowfall ...

a stack of what-ifs

on my mind

Chen-ou Liu

stark telephone poles 

fronting a hallelujah 

of cumulonimbi 

Chad Henry

salt marsh sunrise…

a herd of cows licking

the mist

Dorothy Burrows




his other side

cherry blossoms


Richa Sharma


the tractor turns back

into the field

Dan Treagust


soft snowdrifts

his shoulders round

into winter

Lesley Swanson


the crack and splinter

of a lace bark pine

Laurie Greer

autumn slacktide -

the beach's emptiness trails

onto snow crabs


Amoolya Kamalnath

windfarms spinning daytime stars

Christine Wenk-Harrison

deep fog

a child’s finger breaks

the tide pool’s surface

Mike White


daydreaming the sky a pond of white goldfish

Marcie Wessells

in a dewdrop
my real size

Oscar Luparia

ruffled sky

a seagull feather

washes ashore  

Mona Iordan

sun catchers…

ripples of curlew

ebbing away

Dorothy Burrows

one door ajar two worlds


Mariangela Canzi

all the colors 

of the sea 

the fishmonger’s eyes 


Eric Sundquist

grandpa's allotment

a pumpkin

as big as his hug

Ingrid Baluchi


all sparrows fly

but one

Kati Mohr

Pictish stones touching time

Tony Williams

starling days

shaping our breath

into sky

Joanna Ashwell

first snow . . .

following the deer tracks

following the trail


Kristen Lindquist


iced up pond

fish that swim

in the undercurrent




still dripping with rain…  

a white oak

does the work of clouds


Laurie Greer

elsewhere milkweed floss takes me

Debbie Strange


on one side of the tree -

this war

Maire Morrissey Cummins


trying to see

your point of view

red deer skull

Chris Dean


not the wind through the pines 

but my mother's voice

in mine

Deborah A. Bennett

the low flight

of a white heron

receding waves

Hifsa Ashraf

snow capped mountains

the highs and lows of

distant memories

Tom Staudt

breaking news

crows creak in harmony

with the ice lake

John Hawkhead

cucurbit flute

the melody is all

dad remembers

Debbie Strange

snowy woods 

my breathing 

fills the silence

Christopher Seep


through fine mist--

stars of the charioteer

Ruth Holzer

night rain 

the emptiness 

of a rusted tin drum 

Daipayan Nair


into the clouds ----

single again

Manoj Sharma

even when 

we are gone…

cherry blossoms

Arvinder Kaur

island cemetery

sunburst lichen

obscures a surname

Brad Bennett


almost hearing them

barn swallows migrating

across the moon

Stuart Bartow

rain puddle

holding the ripples 

in the moon

Mona Bedi



watching the snow

turn blue

John J. Han


in the shape of midnight

an owl

Christine Eales



moon's pull…

I give the sea

my tired hands



Thomas Powell

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