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ridge top

the sunrise                       

in a stag’s antlers


Gavin Austin



mid-April snowfall . . .

just a dusting covering

the closed daffodils


Wally Swist



worm moon

the owl's small body 

still warm


Kristen Lindquist



balmy evening

the arms of the wind turbine

easy over


David Gale



the stubble

of a baseball diamond

grazing geese


Bruce H. Feingold



in the window

a moth

holds the storm at bay


Allison Douglas-Tourner



wind in the reeds
long after his death


Mary McCormack



river’s edge

seeing the other side

of loneliness


Ben Gaa



afternoon shadows

the red dye

on a sheep’s flank


paul m.



spring thaw

a wood frog emerges

from the leaf litter


Jay Friedenberg


snowgrass plain

the moonlit gleam

of brumby bones


Gavin Austin



whirring cicadas

a nuthatch slides down

the feeder pole


Brad Bennett



remembering my mother
I ignore my father’s face
in the mirror


Leonard Green



morning stretches…
snowfall highlights
the crabapple


Christopher Patchel



dog day nights

the restlessness

of coyotes


Jeff Hoagland



swirling snow—

the sign says "sorry"

on the soup kitchen door


Michael Dylan Welch



photo collage

all the memories I

forgot I had


Erin Castaldi



six inches of fresh snow

I carry my old dog

to his favorite tree


John J. Dunphy



wagtails skitter

around the yard...

evening milking


Clive Bennett



homing dove

the sun’s last rays



Quendryth Young



walking with the wind bending grass


Richard L. Matta



snowy boughs

we shape ourselves

to the season


Debbie Strange



petals closed

on one side of the sunflower

hazy day


Maire Morrissey Cummins



darkening hills

swallows fly in and out

of an abandoned mine


Jay Friedenberg



moonlight the contours of frosted kale


Thomas Powell



winter wind

biting the whiteness

of chicken bones


Ben Gaa


after the downpour

the glaze of watermelons

in the farmer’s cart


Mark Miller



failing light

a lamp goes on

in the tractor's cab


Dan Treagust



far blue haze—

seeming closer in morning sunlight

the summer mountains


Wally Swist



grey evening chill

a telegraph pole rises

to a hawk


Andrew Hubball



folding and unfolding

in the headwind

a buzzard’s tail


David Gale



rare sunny moments –

a pair of Large Whites circles

the courgette flower


Maeve O'Sullivan



snowy fields

a fox trail connects

the molehills


Joanne van Helvoort



phone screens the loneliness of a crowd


Arvinder Kaur




I come back inside

wearing a snail


Stuart Bartow



winter lake

the biting cold

of the rod


Greg Schwartz




swish of oars

in the mangrove


Jeff Leong



dog days


between the gulley stones


Laurie Greer



plucking threads

from shucked corn



Brad Bennett



sandcastle ruins

a little egret across



Bill Cooper



snowflakes mangled piece of forwarded mail

paul m.



a bite

into the ripe fig

summer dusk


Gavin Austin




everything on the beach

morning fog


Nathanael Tico



one last turn

around the moat

cold moon


Helen Buckingham



break in rain...

messages in prayer flags 

             drip dry


Sushama Kapur




a lone gerbera

aims for the sun


Tom Staudt



rush hour —

a watermelon hawker

sharpens his knife


Kanchan Chatterjee



that picture in her sundress fading autumn light


Ben Gaa



hawk glide 

into the pines

into the dusk 


Bruce H. Feingold



a hummingbird

in the rain –

this last chance


Alvin B. Cruz



not as long

as it used to be

summer day


Jennifer Hambrick



the wriggle
of the wren’s shadow
into my own


Kristen Lang



cupped hand

tasting stones

in the stream


Lorraine Haig



mountain trek
my steps ringed
with birdsong


Kala Ramesh



autumn deepens

a child’s ball

in the sinkhole


Jonathan Humphrey



dead air

across the meadow

a hawk's lazy arc


Michael Baeyens



horse hooves

thunder the last

of the snow


Mark Gilbert



cooling pies

on the window sill

first ant





sunset . . .

the new owner paints

my old boat


P. H. Fischer



leading the prayer

for healing

scent of lavender


Beverly Acuff Momoi



first snow flurries

the refugee child spins

into laughter


Ramesh Anand



squabbling ravens

           ten feet

     above the headlines


Carl Mayfield



gathering clouds

the fisherman counts

his last worms


Dan Treagust



spring breeze . . .

the wary Appaloosa in the meadow

swishing her tail


Wally Swist



nature hike

our footsteps silenced

by pine needles


Nancy Brady



a longer day 

children add 

to a snowman 


LeRoy Gorman



of jumping mullet
setting sun


Deborah P Kolodji



first snapdragon
a bee unravels
with the fragrance


Elmedin Kadric



days shortening 

another year 

under the rake 


Alasdair Paterson



at the emptiness
of the front yard


B.A. France 



summer drizzle
the steady cawing
of a house rooster


Hifsa Ashraf 



flowing slowly

through the keyhole

sea fog


Agus Maulana



muggy noon . . .
the ceiling fan starts

to creak


Kanchan Chatterjee



autumn sun

sea pebbles still shining

on the empty shore


Eufemia Griffo



each snail paints  
its own way 


David He



exposed lake bed

a great blue heron

pecking and probing


Andrew Wood



picking mold

off of late raspberries,

I think of my mother


Jerome Gagnon



coast path

under the hedge

a violet shrinks 


Ann Smith




traffic jams on 

prayer mountain


Jeff Leong



before sunrise

drifts of light

snow moon


Lisa Espenmiller




the emptiness 

of acorn caps


Bryan Rickert



the stray dog’s eyes

as the cars pass by . . .

waiting, for the light to change


Kyle Sullivan



rime-frosted petals
a flock of mallards
lifts from the river


Terri L. French



releasing its grip
holly blue flutters
into fading light


Douglas J. Lanzo




in the neighbour's garden

so much brighter


Neena Singh



cloudburst . . .

a throng forms

under the pepper seller's sunshade


Enobong Ernest Enobong



angle of the light

in autumn across stone flags                                                   

tang of kitchen spice


Jenny Dunbar



water drips

off her yellow bathing suit…

the still sky


Lenard D. Moore



blood moon

an abandoned car burns

at the old pit head


Steve Black



dry moon

a cowbell

on the far hill


David Watts



sunlit silt the marsh rabbit's eye


Kristen Lindquist



prognosis ...

deeper and deeper

into the night


Chen-ou Liu



warm kitchen . . .

the abandoned kitten

chases his tail


M. Shayne Bell



blowing leaves—

the neighbors move

before I meet them


Laurie D. Morrissey 



softer light

moving stealthily downstream

a stilted heron


Mike Gallagher



burial –

the opening in the clouds

smaller and smaller


Eugeniusz Zacharski



long after

the gunfire stilled

crickets chirping


Ryland Shengzhi Li



Evening Primrose lights a path
along the dunes


Suzanne Davies



blackbird . . .

the day is just

not long enough


Keith Evetts



motionless watermill

the hissing shadows

of the geese


Maya Daneva



walking meditation

breaking my reverie

a grasshopper


Mona Bedi



antlers still

among the hemlocks

Orion’s Belt 


Joshua St. Claire



spring night

the new birdbath

fills with moonlight


Dale Champlin




the smell of coconut oil

on her skin


Precious Oboh




a couple of shags toss driftwood       

back and forth


Jenny Fraser




hoverflies flock round

the fireweed


Simon Wilson



a black squirrel 

buries acorns early: 

this pandemic fall 


C. Jean Downer 



no more rain –
a snail out in the sun
before me


Oscar Luparia




by a cobweb –

rainforest stillness


Nathalie Buckland



dawn pouring petrichor from the tulips 


Ben Oliver



storm clouds

that tone 

in your voice


Marilyn Fleming 




the flautist mimics

its song


Christina Chin



chill wind –
over stubbled fields clouds
of crows


Dorothy Burrows



blossoming orchard

my grandson

taller than my son


Denise Fontaine-Pincince



a stooped figure

at the new headstone...

falling dusk


Natalia Kuznetsova 




I climb back

in time


Roberta Beach Jacobson



howling gale

the last of last year’s nest

flies off


Alan Peat



fill the silence
cicada shell


Marilyn Ashbaugh




echoes of the lake

wash ashore


Mike Moule



full snow moon

a stocking cap 

in the empty parking lot


Barbara Ungar



tree rings

a moth disappears

into a cold year


Mike White



hovering on grass
dragonfly's wings
hold mosaic monsoon skies


Nudurupati Nagasri



five days of rain

five origami cranes 

on the windowsill


Carol Ann Palomba



dawn chorus 

a water boatman skates 

between two skies 


chris dean



muddy road

along the tyre marks

I follow the black ants


Mallika Chari



the last leaf

from a thin branch

spirals toward a frozen pond


Robert Witmer



misty dawn . . .

entering another phase

of grief


Opeyemi Babafemi



travel restrictions

sending photos of



John J. Han



bitter coffee 

the weight of the moon 

on a leaf


Carmela Marino



dusty bottles 

in the tool shed  

a few dried apples 


chad henry



gentle rain
hidden in the weeds
wild violets


Tsanka Shishkova



little snail moves







wooded country road...

gravel echoes

our fading steps


Lee Hudspeth



autumn sea
my fishing net folds
the stillness


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



From the shaded path

a folded red leaf leaps up:

startled cardinal.


Karen Kilcup



thunderclouds –

the lambs' hooves

harden in the air


Richard Tindall



dwarf marigolds . . .

in a migrant workers' camp

children's laughter 


Milan Rajkumar



September grasses
until he turned his head
the praying mantis


Patrick Sweeney



oyster shells
I choose one that doesn't rock
for a spoon rest


Phillip Murrell




in each cup of tea

harvest moon


Lisbeth Ho



falling leaves
I prune retirement-home
P.R. folders


J. Zimmerman



New Year wish

the wingspan

of a white egret


Geethanjali Rajan



lying on the ground

the earth holds

all my weight


Mary Vlooswyk



rain clouds gathering

over copses that grow dark

the barley shines on


David Davies




to the sky in prayer too

temple haystacks


Agnes Eva Savich



spring gust

under the tree

the cat's eyes


Michael Buckingham Gray



drying the groundnut seller's tears sea breeze


Srinivas S



saying your name

into falling snow

the weight of shadows


Evan Coram



butter pools

in mashed potatoes – 

country sunset


Dan Salontai



mist-laden wind

the soundless path

across the bridge


Richa Sharma



a sea breeze stiffens –

small brown butterflies alight

on lady’s bedstraw


Jane Robinson



heavy wet sun
illuminates pillow hair


Ricky Brown



starry night

in the Smokies—fireflies

here and there


John Zheng



lifting a stitch 

over the other stitch 

death knell


Maria Concetta Conti



passing the beggar

I try not to crunch

the fallen leaves


Rita Gray



tree shadow

a newfound hole

in his lie


Jackie Chou



between me
and winter—


Tony Williams



First frosts –

the balls of wool

out of stock


Elisabeth Guichard



carrying a cormorant

a fisherman rows

into the moon


Ling Ge



seeking a bridge

we walk a long way

along the river


Pitt Büerken



Sierra cold—

the wind-twisted limbs

of bristlecones


Cynthia Anderson



hunting bears

near the swings

one small boy


Marilyn Humbert



the tall pall bearer

flicks his cigarette away;

the browns of autumn





snow day . . .

the path to the school



Barrie Levine



the lifeless bed...

my father's arm

still as strong


Adrian Bouter



low sun

two yellow leaves

in the old nest


Nadejda Kostadinova



rainy day. . .

my paper boat stops

at her door


Surashree Joshi



early morning –

out the doorway 

a dusky thrush 


Daniela Misso



I apologize


winter rain


Dave Read



grassy field
the scurrying white tail
of a rabbit


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams




the wounded bird

reflected in the window pane


Shari Abramson



harvest moon rising

a horse in the meadow

but no rider in sight


Ben Grafström



how old
have I grown
chestnut alley


Ernest Wit



on the highway
to a dying friend
wall of hay bales


Earl Livings




of a gentle day

river ripples


Terrie Jacks



spider silk

from impatiens

to marigolds


Anthony Lusardi



autumn furrows
between anthills

in the sunset


Mile Lisica




on Alchemilla leaves

last night’s rain


Claire Ninham



Clare River 
the short walk from my home 
deep blue


Attracta Fahy



scorching sun –

heads ahead 

in the vaccination queue


Manoj Sharma



in a towel

after the rain

the dog shivers


Carl Walsh



in the ocean depth
bobtail squid


Subir Ningthouja



birdsong overlaps birdsong...

ripples in the river

during rain


AJ Wentz



autumn evening

crows throng the weeping willow

beside the church


Nola Obee



motorway sunset

car lights enter

the vanishing point


Liam Carson



Inside the rain
the scent of the earth
Mild autumn


Antonella Seidita



petals of leaves

on the lake tremble

cold wind


Refika Dedić




in dialogue

with the mountain


Stefanie Bucifal



rainy November night
running out
of things to say


Luciana Moretto



fragments of songs
in this fresh-mown pasture
a two-leafed clover


David J Kelly



hedge clippers

in my Dad’s hands

struggle to reach the top


Noel King



dry riverbed

the way the boulders

shade the pebbles


Mona Bedi



refugees camp –

the child's teddy bear

full of dust


Hassane Zemmouri 



wild geese flock

out of the formation

their honking


Samo Kreutz



grandma combs her hair

a cat enters the house

autumn equinox


Mircea Moldovan




a slip of stream

cradles the sky


June Rose Dowis



yellow leaves

last flashes

of the squirrels


Nazarena Rampini



warm night…

short weeks before their death

cicadas sing


Rob McKinnon



dried petals

in place of photos

Grandma's locket


Ashlee Ollmann





an ever-widening arc


Erica Ison



clouds stand still...

rocks and stream

shape each other


Carol Raisfeld



plain plank bridge dotted by a busy child’s umbrella


Sheila K.Barksdale



leaf wandering into

Basho’s empty cottage

leaf wandering out


Stephen Sossaman



the last box

goes into the moving van

autumn drizzle


Jennifer Hambrick



blackberries the slow walk home


Dan Treagust

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