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mountain ash –
the tips of its reach spill
into our breathing


Kristen Lang



fallen leaves
tire thrum louder
out on the highway


Gary Hittmeyer



scraping against 

a splintered farmyard fence

the pig’s dust shivers


John Hawkhead



skimming over

the patches of redtop grass . . . 

returning tree swallows


Wally Swist



fig tree
the dusk beats
with bat wings


Gavin Austin



crossing my arms

over my breasts

winter narcissus


Kristen Lindquist



a line of gossamer
catches the light

cyfnod clo
edefyn o wawn
yn dal y golau

John Rowlands



so deep

in my summer meditation

the scent of basil


Judson Evans



the quiet 

of a muskrat’s wake

autumn dusk


Bruce H. Feingold



another day

spiraling inwards



Thomas Powell



autumn starlight

a long and empty train

sets out


Jonathan Humphrey



here and there in patches



mallika chari



autumn haze

a boy's whisper to his mum

attracts the sun


Samo Kreutz



on the warm wall

the wasp's abdomen

pulses its shadow


Michael Baeyens



the wind

the wind makes

of the pines

(gassho to Jim Kacian)


Meg Arnot



pulling up

a withered azalea –

meeting the blue jay's gaze


Jerome Gagnon

without a mask
this open air becomes 
a moment

E. L. Blizzard




walking into  

deep time 


Owen Bullock



zen garden
every snowflake
finds a stone


William Scott Galasso



lambing paddock

the constant calls

of new mothers


Lorraine Haig



chough tumble

down the quarry face

rain turns to sleet


Clive Bennett



this loneliness
the scramble of mice
on our roof


Deborah P Kolodji



dust motes
in a shaft of sunlight
her red chair


Gavin Austin



lockdown another ambient jigsaw afternoon


Helen Buckingham



plastic beads

ring a sandcastle turret

rising tide


Bill Cooper



misty night
three silver strands
in my hairbrush


Chen-ou Liu



steam rises slowly
from the scrum


John Rowlands



returning tide

a small wave claims

the pipit’s rock


Thomas Powell



step by step
the lilac scent
gathering light


Elmedin Kadric



storm abating

the kestrel settles back

into its hunch


Richard Tindall



monsoon rains

wildflowers fill

a depression


Scott Wiggerman



pine needle heat—

the soft murmur

of crows


Laurie D. Morrissey



misty autumn

a white sun rising

over vacant shops


Ted Sherman



jasmine tea
I cradle the bowl
with mother’s hands


Maxianne Berger



summer foliage

an early beechnut

takes the long way down


Michael Baeyens



stormy afternoon:

on the stump of a cherry,

a bulbul.


Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih



the physical distance –
star-filled sky


Pravat Kumar Padhy



hot afternoon

road tar on the edge

of a twig


Bill Cooper



a year of estrangement sandcastles


Máire Morrissey-Cummins



puddling spring rain . . .

bends of the rutted farm road stretching

into distance


Wally Swist



spruce needles
along the trail
a hidden kinglet’s song


Deborah P Kolodji



distant thunder

the boa shifts 

in my palms 


Kyle D. Craig



as stars
replace the sunset—
the night ferry’s wash


Gavin Austin



from shadow

into sunlight   

the cat’s rising tail


Thomas Powell




creaking on the lake…

deep autumn


Daniela Misso



ginko walk
the pause and pauses
of a dragonfly


Kala Ramesh





Seren Fargo



church courtyard

bird pecks at

a communion wafer


John J. Dunphy



ripe barley –
the end
of the pilgrimage


Robert Davey



spring morning

a robin trills

from a roll of sod


Brad Bennett



midnight stars—
the shapes we make
when we pray


Earl Livings



rental cabin 

sinking into silence 

as thunder ends 


Vera Constantineau



gray beach

the clap of rope

against a flag pole


Jay Friedenberg



breaking open the dark ripening pecans


Beverly Acuff Momoi



the silence
in an empty poultry cage
Christmas morning


Blessed Ayeyame



My birthday walk

the shadow at my feet

could be my father’s


Marc Evans



social distancing
along the long looping road
the fawn peeks out 


B.A. France



selecting poems

for mother’s funeral

scattered clouds


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



low sun. . .

conkers harden

in the oven


Richard Tindall



behind glass

cavalry uniforms smaller

than imagined


Barbara Tate



touching everything 

on its way out

river in flood


Kristen Lindquist



flax seed-pods 

fraying in the wind   

winter’s end


Jenny Fraser




a spiderweb glimmers

on the treehouse


Elaine Wilburt



quarantine, and still

the sound of rain

in the leaves


Nancy Rapp



shifting tides

the seagull rests inside

a sandy footprint


Olivia Ark



evening snowstorm

no clear way

to word my apology


Joshua Gage



early sun

between long shadows

fairy wrens bob


Marilyn Humbert



drift line

a plover pecks

at a styrofoam cup


Jay Friedenberg



handwriting a eulogy waning moon


Srinivas S



the tractor

a crow’s caw






the cat

rests her head on my arm. . .

midnight stillness


M. Shayne Bell



fog lifting the horizon perfectly straight


Dan Salontai



harvest field

a butterfly leads me 

to a hidden melon


Adjei Agyei-Baah



white snowfall
dotted bright red


Douglas J. Lanzo



sound of a drill

driving a hole in plywood…

autumn breeze


Lenard D. Moore



fast asleep
on moonlit lavender
the forager bee





leaves turning

the grocery clerk’s smile

through her mask


Edward J. Rielly



coot skitter

among lily pads

summer rain


Clive Bennett



bonfire smoke
my day goes
    in a different direction


Tony Williams



farm road

a tiger lily fills

with dust


Debbie Strange



autumn moor

the stretch of gorse

under gray skies


John J. Han



virtual meeting

I lower my head

when they pray


Crystal Simone Smith



hiking out

the fading

river sounds


Bryan Rickert



after the rain

a bent reed marks

the riverflow 


Richard Tindall



light drizzle –

a whiff of neem flowers

in the koel's song


Vidya S Venkatramani



patch of snow that too disappears


Roberta Beach Jacobson



empty flip-flops
wading in
oyster-colored moonlight


Jenna Le



overcast summer morning . . . 

          the fading whistle

of mourning dove's wings


Wally Swist



almost home
icicles from the eaves
catch the moon


Carol Raisfeld



after the storm
the neighbor’s hammock
in our tree


Greg Schwartz



the lilt

in her laugh still there

December moon


Kevin Valentine



winter sun

through cracks in the old bridge


Seren Fargo

hummingbird feeder     the wait


Mike White



glassy bay

breaking its surface

a humpback’s fluke


Lyn Reeves



childhood home

an attic of silence

in my head


Neena Singh



twenty below 

the fireplace fan 

begins to squeal 


LeRoy Gorman 



the day accelerates

in the autumn wind...

pine needles


Lucia Cardillo



sweeping the vestibule

Kwan Yin

covered in ash


Lisa Espenmiller



cold drizzle . . .

from the laundry man’s shack

a dim light


Kanchan Chatterjee



closing day

all the hands 

I did not shake


Maya Daneva  



lake shimmer
the heron’s croak
quiets our paddles


Ben Gaa



trapped by sleet . . . 

three cats

watch me write


M. Shayne Bell



darting away

my son joins his friends

mackerel skies


Ted Sherman




fall chill



S.M. Kozubek



a waft of autumn

quince ripen

on the credenza


Jim Laurila



finding an edge

of shade

crow feather


Laurie Greer



wheat harvest

gleaning together

with the sparrows


Ryland Shengzhi Li




a flattened catkin

in my shoe


Karen Robbie



skinny dipping

the size 

of her eyes


Jeff Hoagland



day old lily

a newborn's fist



Kath Abela Wilson



backwoods stream

sunlight glints off

a beer can


Rich Schilling



last fruits of rowan –
birds traces disappear
under falling snow


Krzysztof Kokot



before the moon rises

I raise my glass

to an empty sky 


Alvin B. Cruz



smell of autumn

a layer of a persimmon jam

in an open jar


Eufemia Griffo



stepping stones
across the stream
first father then son


Marilyn Ashbaugh



a baby wren 

a kookaburra 

one inside the other 


Helga Jermy



morning rain . . .
snow piles cloaked
in fog


Valentina Ranaldi-Adams



sharing the box

family portraits 

and a dead fly


Peter Leroe-Muñoz



a stray dog

follows many heels



Mike Gallagher



bittersweet berries

the gradations

of loneliness


Peter Newton



drifting clouds —

as she opens the curtain



Jibril Dauda Muhammad 



autumn rain...
a water mantra
on the skylight


Oscar Luparia



sea view

the reason for being

plunge ripples


David Gale



on bike path


I reflect


Carl Walsh



with the sun

a bird’s song rises

from a building crack


Mantas Stočkus



a fisherman

on the far bank catches

my gaze


Mary McCormack



mycelium –

a silver hairbrush 

tarnished green


Sarah-Jane Crowson



carried off by birds the fruit stones of her silence


Réka Nyitrai



passion vines 

the half-built house wet 

with moonlight   


Hemapriya Chellappan



fall equinox walk

the basking pheasant

darts for cover


Nola Obee



some more handsome

than others



John J. Han



grass cut –

his new diagnosis 

written in italics


Carmela Marino



November wind

finds the lonely hole

in my old sock


Michael Galko



in the red maple

a carpenter bee hovers

grips the drooping blooms


William Aarnes



That cloud shaped like an ear—

if I shout, I’m sure

it would hear me


Michael Minassian



slow drizzle

talking about my abuse

with a stutter


Jackie Chou



opening the parcel
filling the room
the homeland fragrance


Bakhtiyar Amini 



sahara heat…

the shoes now a refuge

for scorpions


Usman Karofi 



red rear lights…

reflections on drenched tar

as gutters surge


Rob McKinnon




leaves holding space

for blooms


Agnes Eva Savich



chestnuts and matches

the child creates a small farm

on the windowsill


Pitt Büerken



a bear’s impression

in the ferns

our empty feeder


Denise Fontaine-Pincince 



summer noon . . . 

the Himalayan cat snores 

near the hiking boots 


Milan Rajkumar 



lone chrysanthemum 

a young bloom faces skyward

as one petal falls


Erin Schalk



autumn wind 

a reshuffle of 

my to-do 


Meera Rehm




unanswered letter

blown out candles


Anthony Q. Rabang



Steadfast yellow slug

Dragging an anchor of dirt

Up this endless hill


David Richardson



broken home

a boy gathers nuts

in the wood


Adrian Bouter



midday heat

the pigeon flies off with

a wave of my hand


Richa Sharma



my thoughts unspool

the roundness

of lotus leaves


Antonietta Losito



folded parasols —  
the bartender is looking
toward the moon


Goran Gatalica



night drizzle

on the blue dragonfly wing

old moon


Radostina Dragostinova



cattle at the stream
sunlight spills
from the bull’s mouth


Sheila Butterworth



low tide

all the chains

made visible


Judson Evans



my children

with their lovers tonight

harvest moon


Bruce H. Feingold


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