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a curve

in the dead carp

mackerel sky


winter sunrise

salt swirls

on the highway


Brad Bennett



rain clouds


the scent of lime flowers


Juliet Wilson



alone again
I open the window
to a winter star


Chen-ou Liu



dry heat
the silver lure slaps
a shallow wake

water strider
kicks sparks at
the setting sun


Erin Castaldi



the farmer's whistle

in every

ear of wheat


Elaine Patricia Morris



shallow stream

moonlight overflows

its low banks


Jianqing Zheng



briefly part

of my own life

memorial swing 


Helen Buckingham




the sky washes in

with the tide


Lucy Whitehead




mom's last smile hangs

in the air


Debbie Strange



even with nowhere

to go it goes



Kath Abela Wilson




the sun’s edge spreads on the ice


martin gottlieb cohen



clear May morning—

filling the hummingbird feeder

with sugar water


purpling knoll and hollow—

        one cluster of lupine

after another


midsummer coolness—

the slowly flashing fireflies

deepen the quiet


Wally Swist



rain –

earwigs spill

from fennel stalks


Sarah-Jane Crowson



bindweed twists

to the top of the hedge –

summer's end


Máire Morrissey Cummins



not a cloud

the blue jay



falling rain

the rising scent

of earthworms


Jeff Hoagland



deep forest

a pair of pileated woodpeckers

dart pine to pine


Bruce H. Feingold



Beach stroll
waves steer
the day ashore


Padmini K



dying grass moon

dad's breathing



Claire Vogel Camargo



old badger sett

the deep earth scent

of emptiness


John Hawkhead



storm clouds darken…

the scattered homecoming

of carrion kites


Mark Miller




a backboard



light mist

a hare’s breath

from the clover


low light

the shades of white

lining the deer’s belly


Laurie Greer



down with fever...

the fading call of

the street vendor


K. Ramesh



lakeside coldness
the necks of ducks
folded in


Adjei Agyei-Baah



in the same reflex
i reach you as you open
your eyes for the last time


Emma Baines



slicing a pumpkin
mother talks of my sister


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



desert sunrise 

following tracks

that follow tracks


deep winter

things found living

in the flour


Bryan Rickert



before its sound
the smell of rain
bush sassafras


Marietta McGregor



falling leaf
the shape of my ear
in its shadow


Réka Nyitrai



binary stars...

my prayer still ends

with his name


Shreya Narang



outgoing tide

the die-away sighs

of a whistle buoy


Joanne van Helvoort



downpour: only the tall pine's upward thrust


Sheila K. Barksdale



on a whim

we visit our burial plot

.   .   .   snow falling


early frost

the finch undisturbed

at the feeder


Edward J. Rielly



in the lull
between breezes
tui song


Isabel Caves



a raven’s shadow 

extending the night – 

autumn equinox


Cristina Angelescu



hanging moon —
father swings a hammer
at the panes


autumn chill  —
mowing the lawn
around a molehill


breath diving — 

between the ridges
softness of waves


Goran Gatalica



pregnant again . . . 

the squeak of a mouse 

inside the pantry 


John McManus



snow falling…  

again I call

for the cat


M. Shayne Bell



first stars…
silver river now
just a sound


Srinivas S



father-son time

I claim to see the ladybug

he points out


Bob Lucky



lucerne field

a kangaroo clears

the barbed wire


deepening dusk

a frog-chorus

fills the creek bed


Gavin Austin



inching up

with every cricket chirp

harvest moon


Agnes Eva Savich



country lane
losing myself in the darkness
between stars


David J Kelly



breeze in the tall grass

with every ripple

a change of color


Debbie Scheving



the imam

an hour late for prayers — 

thickening haze


Usman Karofi



you and me
and all that we have lost
snow moon


Claudia Messelodi



raking . . .
a millipede


cleaning my rosary
and ablution kettle . . .
day moon


Taofeek Ayeyemi



family night –
a piece of the puzzle
chewed by the dog


Jennifer Carr



following me

along the park trail

the wren's song


Stephen O'Connell




emerge from the dark

summer twilight


Stella Damarjati



orange bucket. . .

         thin ice 

   over mulberry leaves


Carl Mayfield



gauzy veil                                              

over the moon—

nightingale song


Elaine Wilburt



country cousin

what he calls



Peter Newton



All Souls' Day

losing the morning dream

to a crow's caw


Richa Sharma



the swoop and skim of

swallows over the lake

the ache in my legs


David Urwin



twisted pine

the ooze of resin

from an old limb


Lorraine Haig



tomato patch

night after night

the deer return


Lewis Colyar



cold moonlight                               

the weight of things

left undone


I walk through the smell              

of a sodden campfire —

winter sun


Nathalie Buckland



Ash leaves slither
in your hair I thread 
the Summer wind


Bernard White



summer leaves crunch toward autumn


Roberta Beach Jacobson



Thunderclap –

my frightened nephew

hugs a Barbie doll


Opeyemi Babafemi 



white hair
in my beard
autumn clover


Andy McLellan



empty nests – 

a tree offers the sky

its silence


Valentina Meloni 



summer end

the last drip of

popsicle on my elbow


Anita Sahoo




flies fluttering around

my fingers


Aladodo Abdus-Salam



a young man checks

the scarecrow’s pockets

sound of wind


Jonathan Humphrey



Waiting in night's frost

Horizon to horizon

Path of speeding star


Matthew M C Smith




a shadow follows me

among yellow leaves


Lucia Cardillo



fading contrails

x marks the spot

where summer ends


Edward Cody Huddleston



foggy dawn...
a scent of flowers
I can't see


Oscar Luparia

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