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phone call...

the chirp of 

a hometown bird


the silence as we

drink the morning tea...

mother's wrinkled hands


misty railway station…
he refills the earthen
tea cup


K. Ramesh



those eyes once gazed
into the eyes of my mother
old quarter horse


Deborah P Kolodji



last drop of milk

on the cat's whiskers –

an early frost


         Laughing waters



evening cool

shadows lengthen

beneath the old rope swing



all the places

I've yet to go


Rachel Sutcliffe



deep winter the touch of a conch shell


Stephen Toft



the arch
of the border bridge
half moon


Chen-ou Liu



autumn fog ...

while I kiss my grandma

she asks who I am


faint sun ray ...

one cyclamen opens up

on the windowsill


Lucia Cardillo



today the wind–

     scent of rain

          behind that


Carl Mayfield



lily pads

I bounce across each one

with my eyes


Dan Salontai



night grass
the Winter Solstice
chews moonlight


Erin Castaldi



implacable rain ­–

bit by bit the limestone



Michael Galko



between songs
the busker’s breath
in winter moonlight


Ben Moeller-Gaa



old minaret ... 
a sparrow's song 
between two pines

fading light ... 
alone with the cry 
of a cicada


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



morning cold –

chewed by rats  the copy

of Paradise Lost


Antonietta Losito



two autumns …
a child’s birthday
atop the headstone


Connor McDonald



freezing fog


holding still


Aaron Barry




fish leap to capture

bites of heaven


Joan McNerney

October sunset –

a barrowload

of orange


All Souls'

toe of frog slips

into the undergrowth


Helen Buckingham



thick fog

following the sound

of the stream


Nikolay Grankin



cirrus clouds

I inhale deep into

father's bones


Srinivasa Rao Sambangi



between stalks of sea thrift evening sun


Caroline Skanne



rainfall on chalk hills

each path becomes 

a stream-bed


Thomas Tyrrell



blistering heat

a hornet sucks the juice

from a peach


Jay Friedenberg



saturated meadow grass

spangled with purple clover…

June rain


the first few

orange daylilies opened on their stalks—

summer solstice


croaking frogs…

a kingbird dips and hovers

over the rippled bog


Wally Swist



welcome swallows –

the winter sweep

of dune grass


Robyn Cairns



on and on
in birdsong
spring dawn


Elmedin Kadric 



swaying here

            swaying there

silhouettes of broom





gibbous moon

a wild pansy curls up

in the wind


Muskaan Ahuja



after the rain

sparrows sing –

my voice too


Christine Taylor




swaying on the

arrow tips of larch


most of the day

is blowing 



Alexander Wharton



morning mist...
a solitary goose flies

into early snow


Keith A Simmonds



more of the beach

on the windowsill

a rising tide


Joanna Ashwell



the other side

of a broken window

a yellow butterfly


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



veiled moon
the scent of rain


Nathan Hassall



skin walker
the "tear-drop-shaped microconidia"

of my jock itch


Dave Bonta

early snow

catching the sky

on my tongue


Barbara Tate



whitecaps way out there

the fog

rolls through me


Peter Newton



n   a  k  e   d     

 r   a   i   n   

p   e   l   t 


ocean eddies 

into a styrofoam cup…



some birds 

sing out winter 
from them selves


Donna Fleischer



late summer
the cut pear

in a saffron robe
lets in fresh air


Alexis Rotella



dark bamboo
even the sound
is cold


Miriam Sagan



lassitude and languor these days without rain


sundown a black cat uncurls from the coalhouse roof


Stuart Quine



winter rain driving

a neighbor’s calico cat

into our garage


Michael Feil



breaking bread

—mandarin ducks               

scrabble in the shallows


dying grass moon


in the doe’s eye


Marilyn Fleming



end of summer
a boy's skipping stone sinks
with the sun

the red tip
of my cigarette
starless night


Chen-ou Liu



each one at my fingertips –
autumn stars


Christina Martin 



climbing closer

the sky the scent 

of mother's lavender


Kath Abela Wilson



on the edge 

of the highway

a doe waits


Rich Schilling



apple orchard –

wild turkeys

eating windfalls


Ed Higgins 



traffic lights

changing colour 

autumn leaves


aphids chew

the basil plant –

shorter days


Juliet Wilson




the iris

the paintbrush


Alan S. Bridges



two pigeons 

under the arch of the mosque 

afternoon rain


Agus Maulana Sunjaya



hot autumn day

clink of pickling jars

in the sink


deep inside

       the iris

              summer rain


Lucy Whitehead




a moth 

in the moonlight 


Mary Hanrahan



that radicchio

you sowed last year —

its flowers set seed


Helen Williams



a pine tree cricket

on the crater

on the postcard


Minh-Triêt Pham



how much of him
still remains in there
grandpa's grave


Christina Sng



an early start –

the petunias hang their heads

after last night's rain


taking home the shopping...

my shadow

reaches the door first


Mary Gunn



I see
the child you were
in the turn of your head


Nicola Brown



your finger tip

counting crows’ feet

at the corners of my eyes


Jane Fraser



subtle notes

of wind . . . 



Anna Cates



a slight shudder 
as the boat docks –
hazy moon


Kanchan Chatterjee



withered field —

on the furthest stalk

snow blossom


Kate Alsbury



laundry day

even my scent has become

your own


reciting gathas a walnut on the roof


Kelly Sauvage Angel



I trust old age

looking up

at the mountain


Karen Robbie



longer days –

my father's shadow

changes shape


summer stillness –

the seabirds dive for fish

before sunlight


Goran Gatalica



for a signpost to the village
wild strawberries


Loris John Fazio



on boughs of snow –
a wolf's howl


David He Zhuanglang



Spring warmth
blackbird carries the scent
of mountains


Padmini Krishnan



duck calls 
over winter water
one yellow leaf floats by


Simon Wilson



yellow shooting star

              streaks past the car window

                                                  roadside daffodil


Karen Shepherd




besides the white



Guliz Mutlu



rear view mirror

along the lane the rush of

dead leaves


David Urwin



bird on the rock

bird on the tree branch

cat's gaze shifts


Robert Beveridge



the sudden fall 
of  leaves


Pravat Kumar Padhy

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