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the bird we know

by its thud on the feeder. . .

lifting mist


Kristen Lindquist



clouds pass

only the rattle of

late season corn


Erin Castaldi 



wisps of fog
my breath
adding your name


Kristen Lang



 a saguaro’s shadow

    reaches across the dry wash …

          evening cool


paul m.


morning stillness

what’s left of the mist

shines in the pines

Ben Gaa

deer paths

a portion of each day



Jonathan Humphrey



farm dog’s howl


in the summer wind


Kelli Lage



inky river

a platypus somersaults 

under stars


Lorraine Haig



creek thinning

to a trickle

spindly daisies


Laurie Greer



sip of tea

with a thumbscent of celery

rising fog


Bill Cooper



amid September's falling leaves

. . . kingbird fluttering up

to catch flies


Wally Swist



conger eel thrashing in the creel this hunger 


Lew Watts




nothing left to catch

the wind


Debbie Strange



cherry petal rain

the mobile morgue departs

the hospital


Kevin Valentine 



gathering crows
the berried smile
of the snowman


Mike White



winter bulrushes

an alligator drags its tail

into the pond


paul m.



urban twilight

a fox cry tips over

into the dark


Richard Tindall



summer orchard

tufts of foal down

in the barbed wire


Michael Baeyens



sand where the stray lay . . .

this handful of hermit crabs

huddles together


Kyle Sullivan



masked fishmonger


in every maw


Helen Buckingham



rain-soaked ground

a worm emerges from

dad's grave


John J. Dunphy



in for the winter

a snail down

the aloe folds


Bryan Rickert



sage in rain

tombs sit out

river floods


Richard Manly Heiman



sunset shadows pool behind the dunes


Bob Lucky



coregated rust

the old silo’s 

leftward lean


Erin Castaldi 



bedside radio

we switch off

another war


John Rowlands



old yearnings...

pink blossoms frame

a distant sky


Jay Friedenberg



first sun
night rain lighting up
in the stringybark


Kristen Lang



Saigyō’s poems...
a slow rain fills
the wagon ruts


Randall Herman



sleet clings

to a tractor’s gear stick

idle herds


Jonathan Humphrey



grey woods

a heron lengthens

a charred stump


Michael Baeyens



burial trees

how long

before they hollow


Helen Buckingham



autumn frost

in its upper reaches

the robin's song


Richard Tindall



my father’s wake...
a movement of branches
under the snow


Goran Gatalica



tomcat’s howl
at the edge of sleep
hunter’s moon


Lorraine Haig 



marsh cattails

splashing ducks

release the mist


Brad Bennett



distant shots 
over the border 
blood moon 


David He 




the bone white of

styrofoam cups 


Bryan Rickert



Advent Sunday

down the lanes the ticking sound

of leafdrop


Amanda Bell



knitting a cap…

my grandsons chuckling

by the casement


D. V. Rozic



first snow   fieldfare strip the haws


Clive Bennett



skipping stone     the pressure


Mike White



subway echo –

the one-man band

counts himself in


Richard Tindall



freeing myself 

from myself 

a mountain breath 


Jenny Fraser



slowing train . . .

a gleam of moonlight 

on the reeds 


Hemapriya Chellappan



quiet park 

a bubble   shuffles along 

the stream of rain 


Owen Bullock 



morning coolness—

drops of dew sparkling over

a freshly hayed meadow


Wally Swist



sleepless night

the shrike's call

to nothing


Aaron Barry



winter solstice
a left-out teacloth
crackles with rime


Marietta McGregor



in every direction
mountain poppies
spill last night's rain


Carol Raisfeld



autumn trail

among the shadows

a former life


Terrie Jacks



twilight sky
migrants in single file
through the farm gate


Chen-ou Liu


penumbral eclipse 

the shades of light 

on a moth’s wing 


Laurie Greer



empty highway

coyotes crossing

their old trail


Cynthia Anderson



fumbling with the lid

of my yoghurt pot

Mam's tremors


John Rowlands



plump orange 

spurts out

last spring's rain


Rolf W. Jacobson


where once a field
offered a shortcut


Mike White



frozen rail-tracks

a stallion pumps

wisps of mist


Pitamber Kaushik



camp fire my piece of the stars


Agnes Eva Savich



visiting mom's gravesite – 

another three-count

from my flask


Dan Salontai



border stones

loosened into heaps                                                                 ghost meadow


Barrie Levine



shortest day

a swan pair eases

along a melt channel


Hannah Mahoney




birds checking

the empty feeder


David Oates



colorless summer

a passing shadow of a butterfly

behind the shutters


Alvin Cruz



Taking out the trash—
A cat asleep
On the warm hood of my car


Jacob Hess



summer dawn

the cuckoo returns

muezzin's call


Gurpreet Dutt



father’s fist—

a tarantula crawls 

across the gravel road.


Sarah Jones




the slow bend of a whale

gull shadows


Bill Cooper



tide water

laps the marshy Inlet

of tern nests


Erin Castaldi 



winter china town
the couple shares a hot bun
in its steam


Keiko Izawa



rainy nights

baby sow bugs crawl 

up the bannister


Bruce H. Feingold



old village pond

the smell of moss

in the washed clothes


Lakshmi Iyer



breaking the dam

one tadpole

now two


Jeffrey Ferrara



the world


Deborah P Kolodji



tumbling leaves

catch the sun

new death stats


Ben Oliver



muffled by the greenery

of trees in gray dawn light . . .

the June rain


Wally Swist



the way a cloud

b e c o m e s  n o t h i n g—

still water


Laurie D. Morrissey



dog day heat 

a turtle slips 

into the river’s meander 


LeRoy Gorman



neighborhood willow

the blackbird pecks out

summer larvae


Radostina Dragostinova




overthinking myself

to sleep


Tomislav Sjekloća



an old farmer

tweezes off a tick

dog days


Anna Cates



peace bell

in grandma's eyes

a glimmering prayer 


Richa Sharma



wind to come
with cold fingers
i pull the last beetroot


Tony Williams



bearded eucalypt

the shadows within

wrinkled bark


Marilyn Humbert



low sun 

a deer-print puddle

freezing over


Hannah Mahoney



snow falling

inside and outside

the prison wall 


Larry Gates



lingering cough
clumps of plum petals
speckle the mud


R. J. Swanson



mother's last breath the silence after moonrise


Meg Arnot



an alley dog barks
at its echo


Chen-ou Liu



december moon

what we know

about loneliness


Eufemia Griffo




   the scent of Kahlua

        fills each kiss


Ed Markowski



at day's end the moon waxing eloquent


Kala Ramesh



Christmas eve

kids throwing snowballs

at a stray


Tomislav Sjekloća



city sunset
the shoeblack blackens 
one last pair


Keiko Izawa



the stillness 

of a heron's nest 

winter moon


Agus Maulana Sunjaya 



grazing in the rough

the horse wears

a crown of burrs


David Gale







David Käwika Eyre



February meadow

a sparrow fills

the distance


Roberta Beach Jacobson



laundry day
rainbow-bubbles burst
on the washing stone


Srinivas S



reading obituaries 

the bird's imprint 

on the pane


Ben Oliver 



a nuthatch
upside down at the feeder
end of year


Marilyn Ashbaugh



spring burial 

only the small child notices

geese overhead 


Larry Gates



my hair cut

and gray beard trimmed—

the day lengthens


Lenard D. Moore



evening sun

I follow my shadow

into the bar


Joanne van Helvoort



covid fatigue –
from the garden the sound
of mating cats


Manoj Sharma 



near winter

the snail retreats

into itself


Mona Iordan




my world and yours

a gravestone 


Maria Concetta Conti



lone white hibiscus
aglow in the morning sun
— still windchimes


B.A. France



filling in the blanks fresh snow


Denise Fontaine-Pincince



granny's crooning

awakens the baby

winter sunshine


Neena Singh



my hair grey
of a pigeon


Guliz Mutlu



Buddha's smile

up and down on his back

rows of ants


Mirela Brăilean




into the marsh

grouse wings


Joanna Ashwell




thrown at wishes

the fountain drains


Robert Witmer



ice on the windscreen
sliding off to the highway
once the sun hits it


Laurinda Lind



before dawn…
a new songbird joins
the chorus


Earl Livings



festive evening


your other side


Nadejda Kostadinova



tiny moon bridge

down feather floats an inch

over the ripples


Kath Abela Wilson



falling snow
how wrinkled
my hands are


Réka Nyitrai



the television perpetually on autumn deepens


Antonietta Losito 



just as we are

upon soft grass

among wildflowers


ayaz daryl nielsen



this year

I need more layers

in the winter wind


David Watts



shadows tremble 

to the tune of quakes

starry night


Suraj Nanu



cusp of winter my lover’s pull


Lori A Minor



snow smell 

from the northern wind…

my son’s smile 


Daniela Misso



disembodied. . .
I awaken to crows
in the fog


Jeanne Cook



rain season

mud rising through our toes

on the farm path


Tunde Adesokan



burbling stream

in the valley

the tinkle of sheep bells


Mike Moule



roadside puddle... 

water striders float

on passing clouds 


Adjei Agyei-Baah



wetlands stretching wide the wingspan of a goshawk


Marisa Fazio 




her dancing shoes

gather dust





outside the window
a derecho blows
the world sideways


Gary Hittmeyer



pacing the path –

rows of apple trees

my offspring might see


Helen May Williams



an empty porch

frost and moonlight

in the old spider web


Bo Jaroszek



full blown sail

a sloop turns

into the sun


Tom Staudt



I trace blue     

bulges on my hand –

winter’s nip


Neera Kashyap



in my room
harbours dust


Charlie Ulyatt



clear night 


the stars 


S.M. Kozubek



preschool playground

baby swings stilled 

by caution tape


John O’Connor




slow pull

into yellow


Lisa Espenmiller



waving fronds –
amongst the bracken


Dorothy Burrows



heat haze…

mirage on a hot highway

always far away


Rob McKinnon



Siamese cat

filling the landscape

of my arms


Meik Blöttenberger



behind zoo bars

polar bears spellbound ...

first snow falling


Natalia Kuznetsova 



moss covered stones

how time 

changes time


Nisha Raviprasad



forest rain...

slug on a mushroom stem

carries on


Matt Olechnowicz



winter wind –

the smell 

of homemade bread


Julia Guzmán




days become translucent 

on the page 


Elodie Barnes



I guess Dad's
spilled his wine again
fuchsia sunset


Maxianne Berger



drizzle on rails

stretching into distance

my train draws in


Carl Walsh



an ice fisher's

hole in the lake

hunched eagle


Nola Obee



first rain . . .

the dust–ladened blue roof

gaining its colour 


Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina



pumpkin seed –

the desire to be 

a mother again


Carmela Marino



riverbank willow

the whistle and plop

of a kingfisher


Robert Davey



the sunrise bleeds


a burst capillary


John Newson



winged seeds
pecking at the snow
a lone crow


Marta Chocilowska



incense stick
another winter day
is gone


Oscar Luparia



waves of frost

roll across the garden

steel magnolias





The echo of the cold
White snowflakes
on the holly


Antonella Seidita



pieces of the evening,
moths entering
through the open window


Michael Battisto



lifting fog
a black swan pushes
from the shallows


Gavin Austin



brushing webs
off the bike spokes
scent of lilac


Tom Bierovic


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