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The Passage of Presence - Three Rengay 
Lorraine Haig & Kristen Lang

A Thousand Undulations

(Kristen / Lorraine)

rippling the cloud
one hundred kilometres
of corrugated road

seabed hoisted
to the mountain top
wrinkled stone
in late sun
a thousand undulations
over sand

under the branch – the skin
of the gum tree all in folds
island ferry
the shimmer of its wake
at sunset



(Lorraine / Kristen)
graveyard tap
the black cat stretches
for a drip
the blue tongue’s slow tail
lost in the shadows

lifting the bee
to a patch of sun
wattle blossom
switching on
the verandah light
for the quoll

the echidna’s shortcut
under the fence
last night’s storm
the dog wetting her tongue
in a puddle


A Shift in the Landscape    

(Lorraine / Kristen)
new house
a paddock of trees
now a bonfire
under the city
pipelines of an ancient town

the high-rise shadows
stretch to the sea
his old home –
the ghost of a chimney
at the roundabout

cliff-face crumbling
into the ocean
flood damage
a pre-Jurassic thigh bone
under the rubble

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