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Spring Air


first butterfly

the expanding universe

         of a child


Kevin Valentine

snow globe…

shaking a small world

to watch the chaos

Rob McKinnon


all the colours                

of a second chance

Gavin Austin


first hike

watching our breaths

become dawn

Ryland Li

city market

early morning sun

already there

Samo Kreutz

caterpillar . . .

a millimeter of sky

waiting for flight

Keith Polette

morning cloud

rowing away

to daydreams

Joanna Ashwell

spring sky

a good reason

to change my mind

Oscar Luparia

sunrise a piece of unexpected news

Keith Evetts

a line of starlings

cut the sky -

ocean daybreak

Maire Morrissey Cummins

zephyr . . .

first thoughts of

the reflecting pool


P.H Fischer


a toddler's scribble –

spring butterfly

Ravi Kiran

unspeaking the snow winter sun

Pippa Phillips

spring wind

the hills climbing

without me

Ash Evan Lippert

snowy oak branches

cardinals courting among

pale green leaf buds

David Kujawa

spring mizzle

a cow’s rump beading

tiny rainbows

Marietta McGregor

woodland ramble

climbing on six notes

a whistling kite

Marietta McGregor

kite-flying lessons

holding on

while letting go

Kim Klugh

Flyover –

gnats buzz into the fog,

out of the fog

James Roderick Burns

a dog barks

at the billowing cloud

slow day

Jeanne Cook

my hand

on the warm side of my cat

winter sun

Jeanne Cook

witnessing the sleet

slant with the wind

first daffodil

Fionnuala Waldron

sun across my desk

word by word

all the blackberries

Kristen Lindquist


—the artistry

of air

Laurie Morrissey

almond tree blossoms

I would just like

to stop the wind

Francoise Maurice

lonely drive

i carry the sky

with me

Mona Bedi

after the bushfire

cumulus clouds

dress the wounds

Rohan Buettel

raining ropes the clouds deep inside me

Alan Peat

flashing lights

on the heart monitor

spring freeze

Bruce Feingold

blossom light

a snowflake sails through

our argument

John Hawkhead

cry of a kid        

to the spring sky…

flying balloon

Oscar Luparia

after her burial

watching thunderheads

over the mountain

Goran Gatalica

drowning my sorrow spring rain

Mona Bedi

late snow

the lakeshore

melts into egrets


Joshua St. Claire

fallow field

a fallen rainbow

comes to rest

Alan Peat

air-raid sirens

the deaf child keeps drawing

a dove

Maya Daneva


sunlight touches

just the treetops

Agnes Eva Savich

evening beach

the wind

longer than my hair

Joanne van helvoort

old lightkeeper


in the language of fog

Barrie Levine

national park

the evening arrival

of woodsmoke

David Watts

long winter night

the moon walks me

to the edge of a dream

Hifsa Ashraf

hunters moon

a rabbit caught

in its beams

Maureen Edden


a swan trailing

a white train

Ernest Wit

late for my medicine the lilting spring moon

Bruce Feingold

night fog

trying to remember

who I am

Joshua Gage

moon phases

the unfamiliar face

in the mirror

Jonathan Roman

melting snowflake

the soldier's

last breath

Rich Schilling

long winter

the full moon completes

my loneliness

Alvin Cruz

Spring Earth

April sunrise

mountain snows melt

into daffodils

Ash Evan Lippert

mountain trek

sun rises through

the scent of orchids

Tejinder Sethi

before the doctor a spring tree holding my hand

William Keckler


sighting torii

in the mist

Stephen Curro

winding road

a shepherds flock meanders

into the clouds

Tom Staudt

baby’s first steps

a mother’s breath

on tiptoe

Kelly Sargent

spring snow

a red fox pounces into

another dimension

Debbie Strange

first wellies

an alphabet of earthworms

on the sidewalk

Debbie Strange

forest walk

       the faint sound

of the temple bell

Muskaan Ahuja

first blossoms already a budding grief

P.H Fischer

spring flowers

where's the meadow we left

to find the world?

Keith Evetts

dogwood blossoms

something softens

the hawk’s gaze

Jonathan Humphrey

field of daisies

sheep graze

on a thousand suns

June Rose Dowis

sunflowers between my fingers seed catalogues

Joshua St. Claire

rural delivery –

the mind wanders

on the landscape

Adjei Agyei-Baah

spring rain...  

a straw hat  

in my hand

David He Zhuanglang

mad rush

exiting the train door —

a fly

Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

spring carnival –

behind the masks


Milan Rajkumar

train platform

whispered words

to a peace lily

Bill Cooper

potters wheel

the days when

I surrender

Tejinder Sethi

flute song

herd of cows fades into

a cloud of dust  

Tejinder Sethi

armfuls of moonlight

I want to know the name

of this tree

Janet Ruth

a pot of green tea

between masked neighbors

moonflowers unfurling

Chen-ou Liu

beginning of spring

watering flowers

on the neighbouring grave

Irena Szewczyk

poetic soul

a robin builds a nest      

with flower petals

Jon Han

wood violets

how fragile

life feels

Marilyn Ashbaugh


a country tale

sheep on the hill

Maureen Edden

twigs in my path i snap into the now

Kati Mohr

wherever you are

freedom lives within -

oak leaf on a fence

Richa Sharma

slanted winter light

in the basement

a crib gathers dust

Chen-ou Liu

war announcement

I look at the first

wild anemones

Francoise Maurice

Sudden music –

peeling the tangerine

in one go

James Roderick Burns

sidewalk hopscotch

trying to make the jump back

in time

Kim Klugh

acres of sunflowers

her extendable

selfie stick

Lorraine Padden

cars passing all day

in between -

the silence of linden trees

Deborah A Bennett

overgrown garden…

geranium flowers

grasp for the sun

Rob McKinnon

blown out tyre…

a gecko rests on red soil

in the shade

Rob McKinnon


the matted grass

where deer slept

Keith Polette


all cows

brown cows

mud season


Denise Fontaine

the promise

you made last fall

pear tree in bloom

Eve Castle

snooze button

the pothole fills

with cherry petals

Jonathan Humphrey


in the sunshower

robin song

Allison Douglas-Tourner

petrichor —

the wafting aroma

of mama's soup

Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina

watermelon seeds

the conversation he likes

to pick

Mona Bedi

closed flowers

the remote hills

of my childhood

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

exploding through the window spring

Mariangela Canzi

river birch

one layer less

of vanity

Jonathan Roman

snowy oak branches

cardinals courting among

pale green leaf buds

David Kujawa

grass blades

cut to size

tax office lawn

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi

muddy field the pink of piglets

Adrian Bouter


each side of the old track

reaching for the other

Andrew Hubball

summer garden

the slow creep

of a sundial's shadow

Jay Friedenberg

wagtails ...

playing hopscotch

after school

Clive Bennett

stomping grapes

the mash

of our stories

Denise Fontaine


fallen tree

two crows find

their roots

Adrian Bouter

from the fallen warrior's lips a butterfly

Ruth Holzer

deep in the woods shallow stream

Roberta Beach Jacobson

forgiving each other

with just a nod

white jonquils

Lori Kiefer

laburnum avenue

gathering rain wet petals

in an empty creel

Arvinder Kaur

pinyon pine

alone on the rim

canyon wren

Deborah P Kolodji

a folded corner—

where the story ended

for him

Mike Gallagher

open crocus . . .

the familiar shape

of this loss

Jennifer Hambrick


the lies I tell


Alvin Cruz

desert ironwood

the gnarled years

of her absence

Kevin Valentine

lonely walk

following a peacock’s cries

deep into the woods

Arvinder Kaur

fault gouge

what remains

of an argument

Deborah P Kolodji

a peacock’s mating call our silence magnifies dusk

Neena Singh

old ghosts—

i buy 'em all  

a stiff drink

P.H Fischer

in the park -

the old man playing chess

with a crow

Eva Joan

withered grass

at the temples

--this greyness

Joshua St. Claire

first frost

teaching his father

how to walk

David Oates

tracing the rutted path of my grandmother’s cheeks

Adele Evershed

pea tendrils

tying the loose ends

of life

Tejinder Sethi

deepening dusk

in the distance

a peel of temple bells

Manoj Sharma

weaving yarn—

the old woman’s smile

a little warped

Neena Singh

wood anemones

trailing into dusk

through starlight

John Hawkhead

beaten path

—the moon rests

on fallen leaves

Sushama Kapur


dark road

the world no larger

than my headlight

David Watts

stars out tonight…

a constellation

of jasmine

Tony Williams

night nowhere to turn sunflower

James Krotzman

in the slow hours my face is night

John Newson

Spring Tide

dawn swim

the red eye

of the loon

Allison Douglas-Tourner

the crane's world in a ripple of fish

John Kinory


the breath

of an ocean


Jenny Fraser


a flotilla of gulls dip over flooded fields winter dawn

Maire Morrissey Cummins

a newt inherits
the earth

Jonathan Humphrey

rising dawn . . .

a fish leaps


Manoj Sharma

ebb tide the overnight appearance of new w(r)inkles

Debbie Strange

lakeside mist

takes the shape of a heron

morning news

Adrian Bouter

cloudy morning

a breeze ripples the lake —

a hawk is multiplied

John Thomas Kelly

gull laughter my bathing suit body

Brian Rickert

torrential rain

morning's empty promises

swept away

Mike Gallagher

leaping salmon…

what the river knows

of tradition

Earl Livings

floods recede-

the brown mud marks

on kitchen walls

Rob McKinnon

distant harbor                     

a heron rests

on the wreck's mast

Mircea Moldovan

fast flowing stream —

the detritus

I carry within

Rohan Buettel

stream edge the first trickle of snowdrops

Claire Ninham

glistening dew

a spider rides

waterfall wind

Brad Bennett

passing water skier . . .

the white egret

lifts with the wave

Michael Dylan Welch

calm pool

i throw a stone

into the sky

James Young

wading in the lake

I slip deeper

into my reflection

(Mrs.) Barrie Levine

still missing you…

a steady pace

of rain

C.X Turner

peace talks ...

the roar of water

over rocks

Chen-ou Liu

hidden tarn

a forest of firs comes down

to the water

Kristen Lindquist


earth drinks

the snow's light

Michael Baeyens

dragonflies couple

beneath sycamore seeds

the pond swells

John Newson

gulls gather

a trawler rides the knife edge

of a red dawn

Michael Baeyens

slack water

the silent

waiting room

Lorraine Padden

joining your deep self, thunderstorm

Mariangela Canzi

all along the stream


February stillness

Maire Morrissey Cummins

nearing water the arch of a swan's neck

Dan Treagust

windless morning –

a coot tows her wake

into the stillness

John Low


my hands dripping

with dishwater

Keith Polette

letting everyone

know they are there


Dan Treagust

strands of waterweed

undulate in the river

friends retell old tales

Jeanne Cook

blown inland

the sound of the sea

in a gulls cry

Clive Bennett

amid the patio chatter

koi ripple

the sun

Ben Gaa

shutter click

just as the heron

hides its head

Keith Polette

next chemo dose . . .

seemingly infinite

a teal ocean

Anthony Lusardi

deep summer

the entire creek

in one hop

Brian Rickert

ebb tide

drawing out

something in me

Brian Rickert

spring thaw

all that remains

is a carrot nose

Nancy Brady

the sea deep blue mackerel sky

Carl Walsh

white waves

as if I’m deep                                      

in spring snow

Jenny Fraser

season's change

the mountain lets go

of a river

Ravi Kiran

dusk stillness

a water rat glides

between ripples

Marilyn Humbert

Atlantic storm

something rolls through

my dreamscape

Anne Burgevin

high tide

the wavering line  

of goodbye

Jenny Fraser

car park puddles

mirrors to show the sunset

how it looks in red

David Kujawa

paddling around

a wobbly moon

spaniel paws

Joanna Ashwell

   drifting between

the stars and the river

      therefore i am  

Kevin Valentine

skimming the lake mist the night heron’s croak

Bruce Feingold

rocky shore

a child refugee's eyes

hold the stars


Chen-ou Liu



this night

Ben Gaa

we forget

who we are…

moonlit sea


Tony Williams


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