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Signs - Shari Abramson 

Travelling west on Sunrise Highway passing the pine barrens and leaving behind the blue  hydrangeas of home. Past Patchogue and then connecting to Interstate 495. “Sister Golden Hair”, by America is on the radio, “ …..will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air….” Passing Wading River and Gordon Lightfoot comes on, “Beautiful”, and my husband  remarks. There are signs everywhere – yellow, green, blue, white, giving exit information and names of towns, speed limits and closures. There are white lines on the asphalt – streams, and not a  cloud in the sky.


spotted deer nursing

along the pines

legs barely strong


Trying to read the signs. We threw the I Ching last night to see if our trip into the city where my  husband will treat his patients would be fortuitous. Lone seagull passes above. Leaving home  can be dangerous during these times. The Covid- 19 virus is a threat.


There were originally 13 tribes that inhabited the north and south shores of Long Island: Canarsee, Rockaway, Merrick, Massapequa, Secatogue, Unquachog, Matinecock, Nissequogue,  Setauket, Corchaug, Shinnecock, Manhasset, and Montauk.


old worn path

the hymns

we once sang


The air is clear, the sky is blue. The pines are green and tall. We pass Hauppauge now. The virus  has killed 137k people to date in America.


The signs were everywhere.


water grave

the grey sky

caught in the reeds

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