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In The Cutting - Philip Gross

all the un-colours

of chalk    and us disturbing

its near perfect dream


perfection that what

could we do with except

to lie down in its sleep


good enough after all

for millennia of molluscs

they knew about time


good stewards  conveyors

of calcium between

state and state and state


stone  water  stone

in conversation   life's

one way to do it     us


the internet of things

communicating white noise  

chalk noise    dirty


white on white   and here

and there a flint points out   a

gesture     to a word


a tool    from stone

to steel    to this rattling

hurtle to    event-


ually   this blur of where

else but forever (better

than the afterlife


of tunnels   locked in with

our own reflections)  somewhere

outside Didcot     in this train

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